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Next Generation Cinema Camera for High End Digital Film

The Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K is a next generation, handheld 6K digital film camera with 6048 x 4032 full frame high resolution HDR sensor, dual native ISO, L-Mount, CFexpress recording and direct recording to USB-C disks. Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K features an OLPF for better detail handling, records stunning 12-bit Blackmagic RAW for cinematic images as well as real time H.264 proxies.

Main Features

Full Frame 6K, 3:2 Open Gate Sensor

Full frame offers greater creative choice, making it easier to capture wider angles and use lower apertures for shallower depth of field. Capturing open gate 6K provides the flexibility to make final cropping and framing decisions in post production.

Built-in OLPF
An optical low pass filter (OLPF) tailored to the new full frame sensor’s characteristics is included to optimise performance when shooting on virtual sets.

Large Sensor for 6:5 Anamorphic Capture
The large 3:2 aspect ratio sensor supports 6:5 full frame anamorphic shooting. This avoids the need for the cropping in post experienced when shooting anamorphic on 4:3 sensors.

L-Mount Optics
The move to L-Mount offers cinematographers an extensive and growing choice of lenses across a broad range of performance and budgets. L-Mount lenses are available from photo- video to high-end cine to accommodate any shooting style. Favourite legacy and vintage EF and PL mount lenses can be used with lens adapters to preserve existing investments in optics.

13 Stops of Dynamic Range with Dual ISO up to 25,600
Comfortably handles scenes with high brightness and deep shadows in the same frame and is capable of shooting exceptional images in very low light conditions. Careful selection between the dual native ISO values of 400 and 3200 enables cinematographers to minimise the grainy noise in images.

Efficient 12-bit Blackmagic RAW Codec
Blackmagic Design’s own RAW codec efficiently captures sensor data at quality profiles to match your project and seamlessly integrates with DaVinci Resolve’s powerful editing, grading and visual effects tools.

High Speed In-camera Recording on CFexpress Card and External USB-C SSD
CFexpress technology is optimised for recording high bit-rate RAW video and allows on-board recording up to Constant Quality Q0 as well as onto affordable, high capacity USB-C SSDs.

Workflow Efficient H.264 HD Proxy Files
When you are doing cloud and mobile work the camera records both deep bit depth Blackmagic RAW and H.264 proxies at the same time.

Multiple Frame Rates and Resolutions
Achieves up to 36 fps for 6K open gate, up to 60 fps for 6K 2.4:1 and up to 120fps in HD. The crop factor at 4K in x1.5 and 3.2 for HD.

Let’s take a closer look

The new Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K is an extremely high end digital film camera that produces precise skin tones and rich organic colours. The camera features a massive full frame 24 x 36mm 6K sensor with wide dynamic range, a very flexible L-Mount for lenses and a built in optical low pass filter that’s custom designed to match the sensor. You also get fast CFexpress media and the camera can even use Pocket Cinema Camera accessories. When you are doing cloud and mobile work, the camera records both deep bit depth Blackmagic RAW and H.264 proxies at the same time. No other camera includes this level of technology, image quality and portability.

Get the “Hollywood Look” with Digital Film

Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K has the professional features you need for feature film, television programming and documentaries, however now this same quality can be used to create cinematic content for social media, YouTube videos and more. You get the same features found on high end digital film cameras, allowing capture of deeper colours, higher image detail and a wider dynamic range between the brightest highlights and deepest shadows. It’s the reason why feature films look so amazing and now you can get the same high end production values for any kind of work; shoot with large format digital film on low budget independent films, TV commercials or even corporate video.

Shoot in Vertical Aspect Ratio

Now you can easily create cinematic content for TikTok, YouTube Shorts and more. Simply rotate the Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K to shoot vertical aspect ratios such as 9:16 and 4:5. The on screen HUD rotates so critical information, such as frame rate, shutter angle and frame guides, are easy to view, even when the camera’s turned upside down. You can even switch on frame guides so important details stay in shot for different aspect ratios. When you import your files into DaVinci Resolve, clips are automatically tagged as vertical so they appear correctly in your timeline. Once you’ve finished your project, it’s easy to upload to your channel with direct exporting to TikTok and YouTube.

Large Format Cinematic Digital Film Sensor

Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K features a massive full frame sensor with a native resolution of 6048 x 4032, this is almost three times larger than a Super 35mm sensor:

  • making it easier to capture wide angles and use wider apertures to achieve a cinematic shallow depth of field in natural lighting conditions,
  • allowing you to use anamorphic lenses uncropped for a true cinematic look

Whether you’re shooting in bright sunlight or in almost no light at all, the 13 stops of dynamic range with dual native ISO up to 25,600 provide stunning low noise images in all lighting conditions. Plus you can shoot up to 36 fps at full sensor resolution or 120 fps windowed. This amazing sensor combined with Blackmagic Color Science means you get the same imaging technology as expensive digital cinema cameras.

Full Frame Flexibility

The large full frame sensor in Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K lets you work in a variety of film formats and aspect ratios without sacrificing quality.

  • Using the full area of the sensor gives you a unique open gate 3:2 image which also lets you reframe your shots in post production.
  • The large sensor also lets you work in true 6:5 anamorphic without cropping, making widescreen cinematic images more detailed and in higher resolution than previously possible.
  • You can even use the classic Super 35 sized window on the sensor to create an instant ‘close up’ version of your shot that fits seamlessly with open gate footage.

All this lets you create distinctive cinematic content in the highest quality.

Multiple Resolutions and Frame Rates

Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K can shoot in all standard resolutions and frame rates from HD up to DCI 4K and even 6K. The camera captures up to 36 fps at 6K full frame open gate, up to 60 fps for 6K at 2.4:1 and 4096 x 2160 4K DCI, makes it possible to capture every aspect of the scene and leave final cropping decisions for the post production stage. Higher frame rates shooting up to 100 fps at 2112 x 1184 Super 16 are achieved by cropping on the Bayer sensor to a maximum of 120 fps for 1080 HD. Multiple versions such as 2.4:1, 16:9 and vertical 9:16 for social media can be quickly derived from the same open gate content.

The camera also incorporates a built-in OLPF that is specifically optimised for Blackmagic’s new full frame sensor to minimise the occurrence of moiré when shooting virtual production volumes.

Shoot Still Frames up to 24.6 Megapixels

In addition to shooting video, the Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K can also capture high resolution stills. Simply press the dedicated stills button to record 24.6 megapixel images. Still images are saved as Blackmagic RAW, so you get a very high image quality, which is perfect for making high resolution professional prints or for later editing in DaVinci Resolve. Capturing still images is great for keeping track of continuity between shots or for sharing images to get approval from clients that are not on set.

Next Generation L‑Mount

Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K features an L-Mount, an advanced lens mount designed to accommodate full frame sensors while ensuring compatibility with new and vintage lenses. There is an extensive choice of individual lenses and lens sets from manufacturers within and outside the L-Mount Alliance. With a large diameter of 51.6mm, L-Mount works with the latest full frame lenses from manufacturers such as Leica, Panasonic and Sigma. The short flange distance of only 20mm makes it ideal for using adapters to accommodate vintage and legacy lenses to support your favourite shooting styles, without impacting image quality. With L-Mount, you get a single mount that works with virtually any lens for unlimited creative choice. The Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K is designed for use with manual lenses so that the cinematographer retains full creative control of focus and aperture.

Shoot Incredible High Dynamic Range (HDR) Images

The distance between the lightest and the darkest parts of an image is called dynamic range and is measured in stops. Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K has an incredible 13 stops of dynamic range which means it preserves more detail in the lightest and darkest areas of an image than simple video cameras can. This allows you to set exposure for an indoor scene such as a cafe and still retain the details of bright outdoor light coming through a window. You also get more colours than the standard DCI-P3 colorspace used for feature films. Plus DaVinci Resolve Studio is included with the camera, so you get total creative freedom with full exposure adjustment and recovery controls when colour grading.

Dual Gain ISO for Exceptional Low Light Performance

In digital film ISO is a measurement of the image sensor’s sensitivity to light. This means the higher the ISO number the more sensitivity to light so it’s possible to shoot using natural light even at night! The Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K features dual native ISO up to 25,600, which means it’s optimized to minimize grain or noise in images, while maintaining the full dynamic range of the sensor. The native ISO of 400 is ideal for scenes with on-set lighting. The secondary high base ISO of 3200 is perfect when shooting in dimly lit environments. The gain is set automatically as you adjust the ISO setting, so it’s easy to capture great images when you don’t have time to set up lights.

Real World Footage

The high end imagery is what sets this camera apart from others on the market. Blackmagic have produced various real world shoots highlighting the camera to its full potential in some visually stunning clips. You are able to download both the RAW recordings and graded files directly from the Blackmagic website.

In the StudioCelebrity Photographer: Mark Mann

Palmdale DinerCinematographer: John Brawley ACS

A Day in the WoodsCinematographer: Florent Piovesan Of Two Lands

Blackmagic Raw – The quality of RAW and the speed of video

Blackmagic RAW is a revolutionary new format designed to capture and preserve the quality of the sensor data from your camera. Blackmagic RAW eliminates quality problems so you get stunning images with incredible detail and colour throughout the production pipeline from camera to edit, colour and mastering. It also saves camera settings as metadata so you can set ISO, white balance and exposure in camera or override them later while editing, all without any loss of quality. Blackmagic RAW files are also small and fast to use making them easy to work with. Only Blackmagic RAW gives you the highest quality, smallest files and fastest performance.

It records Blackmagic RAW onto a single CFexpress card or external USB-C SSD. Blackmagic RAW is their own high-efficiency 12-bit RAW codec that has been developed in conjunction with DaVinci Resolve to ensure tight integration of the core in-camera technologies throughout the production chain.

Recordings can be made at Constant Bit Rate or Constant Quality for a range of compression ratios. The higher recording rate of CFexpress enables the highest quality recordings at Constant Quality level, Q0, to be made without dropping frames**.

**Using Blackmagic Design approved CFexpress cards and SSD

Post Production Friendly File Formats

Blackmagic Cinema Camera records in Blackmagic RAW to preserve control of detail, exposure and colour during post production. It simultaneously records small H.264 proxy files in real time making it easier to share media around the world in minutes. Proxy files recorded on Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K are automatically recognised by Davinci Resolve and linked to the Blackmagic RAW original media files so you have the option to edit with proxy media straight away. The LUT is not baked into the proxy files to allow grading decisions to start ahead of receiving the original Blackmagic RAW files.

Record to CFexpress Cards or External Disks

The Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K features a built in CFexpress card recorder, and a USB-C expansion port for recording direct to external flash media disks or an SSD. CFexpress media are more durable and faster than even older media so are perfect for recording full resolution, 12-bit Blackmagic RAW files. Capture over an hour of full resolution 6K images on a single 256GB CFexpress card. The very high speed of CFexpress cards makes them perfect for mounting on your computer and editing directly from them using the included DaVinci Resolve Studio software.

Load Custom 3D LUTs to Recreate Film Looks

Digital film cameras shoot logarithmic colorspace to preserve the dynamic range, which is great for later post production, however when these files are viewed on a monitor they can look flat and washed out. 3D LUTs solve this problem because they allow you to apply a “look” to the monitor so you get an idea of how the finished images will look when editing. LUTs can be applied temporarily for monitoring only, or they can be recorded into the Blackmagic RAW files for use in post production. The Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K works with industry standard 17 and 33 point 3D LUT files, or you can work with the built in LUTs such as Extended Video, Film to Video, Film to Rec.2020 and more.

Get Multi Camera Shoots in Perfect Sync

Professional cameras include professional features and you also get a timecode input, allowing shooting with more than one camera while keeping perfect sync. Simply plug in an external timecode generator such as Tentacle Sync into the 3.5 mm audio jack and the camera will automatically detect timecode and lock the internal generator. Now each camera can start and stop recording and all the shots from all cameras will have the same matched timecode. Best of all, DaVinci Resolve will automatically find and sync the shots from all cameras so you don’t need to waste time sorting through thousands of shots.

Powered by Blackmagic OS

With the advanced Blackmagic OS, you get an intuitive and user friendly camera operating system based on the latest technology. Blackmagic OS is a true modern operating system where all camera features run independently for smoother control, plus the camera powers on virtually instantly. It features the same controls and menus as other Blackmagic Design cameras so you can move between cameras on set easily. The interface uses simple tap and swipe gestures to adjust settings, add metadata and view recording status. You also get full control over advanced camera features such as on screen focus and exposure tools, 3D LUTs, HDR, metadata entry, timecode, Blackmagic RAW settings and more.

Large 5″ LCD Monitor

Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K features a large, bright 5 inch HDR touchscreen that makes it easy for you to frame shots and accurately focus, whatever the conditions, meaning you don’t have to carry around an external monitor. On screen overlays show status and record parameters, histogram, focus peaking indicators, levels, frame guides and more. You can quickly apply 3D LUTs for monitoring shots with the desired colour and look. The LCD monitor can even be tilted up to 180 degrees flat and down to 47 degrees so it’s easy to monitor your shot from virtually any position. Plus, its HDR display features 1500 nits of brightness, so you can always frame your shot, even in bright sunlight.

Retaining the popular 5” LCD makes it possible to get perfect focus at 6K resolution; essential for critical image decisions and accessing the intuitive Blackmagic menu system. You also get a removable battery door, 4 shock proof microphones, heavy duty lens mount and built in speaker.

Generation 5 Colour Science

Featuring the same generation 5 colour science as the high end URSA Mini Pro 12K, the Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K delivers an even greater advancement in image quality with stunning, accurate skin tones and faithful colour in every shot. You get a new dynamic 12-bit gamma curve designed to capture more colour data in the highlights and shadows, for better looking images. The colour science also handles some of the complex Blackmagic RAW image processing, so colour and dynamic range data from the sensor is preserved via metadata which you can use in post production. That means you get images that have a natural, film like response to colour adjustments in post with DaVinci Resolve.

Touchscreen for Fast Setup

The large LCD touchscreen displays critical information on the heads up display, or HUD, as well as access to camera setup menus. The HUD lets you see and adjust settings such as the frame rate, iris, timecode, shutter angle, white balance, ISO, audio levels and more with a single tap. You can show or hide the HUD by simply swiping up or down. Adjust settings such as white balance simply by touching the WB indicator, or change the audio levels by touching the audio meters. Everything is interactive, so you can tap any item and instantly change settings without searching through confusing menus! You can also access settings such as the digital slate, to quickly add metadata to any shot.

Lightweight Carbon Fiber Polycarbonate Composite

The new Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K chassis is based on the familiar Pocket Cinema Camera design. Made from lightweight carbon fiber polycarbonate composite, the camera has a multifunction handgrip with all controls for recording, ISO, WB and shutter angle right at your fingertips. Because it’s an advanced digital film camera, the sensor is designed to reduce thermal noise allowing cleaner shadows and higher ISO.

Multifunction Grip with Fingertip Controls

The multifunction handgrip features an ergonomic design that puts important functions such as ISO, WB and shutter buttons at your fingertips. There’s even a scroll wheel under your index finger for making quick iris adjustments. Additional controls go beyond those found on a DSLR, which means you don’t have to go hunting through menus on a tiny screen to find a command. The Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K features easy to reach recording and still buttons that are placed exactly where you expect, including user assignable function keys allowing buttons for high frame rate, focus zoom, false colour and more.

4 Built-in Microphones and Professional Audio Inputs

With professional, high fidelity audio recording built in you’ll never have to carry around a separate sound recorder again! Blackmagic Cinema Camera features 2 mini XLR inputs with 48 volts of phantom power for connecting professional microphones such as lapel mics and booms. These mini XLR connections allow you to record 2 separate audio tracks using 2 mics, without an external mixer. The four built in mics have an extremely low noise floor and are shock and wind resistant, capturing great sound in any location. There’s also a 3.5mm audio input for connecting video camera microphones, along with a built in speaker for playback and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Power from Batteries, 12V DC and Recharge via USB‑C

Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K uses high capacity NP-F570 batteries; expected to last up to 60 minutes depending on mode of operation and rig configuration. These popular batteries come in a variety of capacities and are used around the world. A locking DC power connector is used so you won’t have to worry about losing power during a shoot. Plus the included AC plug pack can power the camera or charge the battery when the camera is not in use. You also get a set of international socket adapters for worldwide use. Even the USB-C expansion port can trickle charge the battery, so you can use portable battery packs, mobile phone chargers or laptops. The optional Blackmagic Pocket Camera Battery Pro Grip lets you add extra batteries to dramatically extend the power of the camera so you can keep shooting all day.

USB-C for External Disks and Ethernet Control

The Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K features an innovative and high speed USB-C Expansion Port that operates at up to 5 Gb/s. USB-C is available on most new computers and even provides power. That means you can connect external accessories such as flash drives and high capacity SSDs for significantly longer recording times. Best of all, when shooting is complete you can simply move the external disk to your computer and start editing and colour correction from the same disk straight away, eliminating file copying. You can also add a USB-C to Ethernet adapter to control your camera over a network via secure and easy to use REST APIs. You can even copy files off the camera via the network.

Optional Viewfinder for Professional Shooting

Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K supports an optional viewfinder to make outdoors and handheld shooting accurate and easy. The existing 1280 x 960 color OLED Pocket Cinema Camera Pro EVF simply mounts on top of the camera with a single screw or can be attached elsewhere on the rig using a third party extension kit. A built in digital focus chart ensures you get perfect viewfinder focus setup and allows you to view critical status information such as frame guides. The viewfinder has a 70 degree swivel range and comes with 4 different types of eyecups for both left and right eyes.

Professional Connections for Custom Rigs

Though small and portable, the Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K features a wide range of connections for audio, monitoring, power and more. The camera includes a full size HDMI connector for monitoring with support for HDR and clean 10-bit output. That means you can connect an HDMI display for on set monitoring of images, with or without overlays that show critical information and camera status. There’s also mini XLR connections with 48 volt phantom power for attaching professional microphones, a 3.5 mm video camera style microphone input, headphone connection and a professional locking DC power connector. The USB-C connection lets you connect and record direct to your media disk.

Wireless Bluetooth Camera Remote Control

If you’re positioning the camera on the end of a boom, or in another hard to reach location, you can get full control via Bluetooth from up to 30 feet away. You can download the Blackmagic Camera Control app for your iPad or use third party apps such as Bluetooth+ or tRigger on your iOS and Android devices. There’s even a free developer SDK with sample code available from the Blackmagic Design developer website, so you can create your own remote camera control and digital slate solutions! Imagine building an app that can jam sync timecode and trigger all cameras to record at the same time. The possibilities are endless.

Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera 6K (Body Only)



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