Rode VideoMic Pro+ On-Camera Microphone

Compact Directional On-camera Shotgun Microphone

The all new VideoMic Pro+ builds on the popularity of the VideoMic Pro and introduces new features such as seperate control for output levels, two-stage high pass filter, high frequency shelf, detachable 3.5mm output cable as well as improved windshield and battery/power functions.

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The new VideoMic Pro+ from Rode takes its extremely popular predecessor and moves it on a step further making the new VideoMic Pro+ the ultimate tool for the pro-sumer filmmaker.

The Pro+ features the same best-in-class Rycote Lyre suspension system and adds a host of new features including the automatic power function that will automatically turn the microphone off when its unplugged from the camera - perfect for the run-and-gun shooter.  The built-in battery door takes away battery changing clumsiness that may have been apparent in previous models and the ability to power the Pro+ off either AA batteries, the new Rode LB-1 lithium ion battery or continuously via Micro USB adds a huge amount of versatility.

The new VideoMic Pro+ also features a new digital switching system that allows users more control over the capture of the audio signal at source.  These features include; 3-Stage High Pass Filter, 3-Stage Gain Control with a +20dB fuction; a High-Frequncy boost.

  • Automatic Power Function
  • Built In Battery Door
  • Rode LB-1 Lithium ion battery option
  • AA Battery Option
  • Power via Micro USB Option
  • Digital Switching;
    • 3-Stage High Pass Filter
    • 3-Stage Gain Control
    • High Frequency Boost
    • Safety Channel
  • Rode VideoMic Pro+
  • 1 x 3.5mm TRS Cable
  • 1 x Rode LB-1 Lithium Ion Rechargable Battery