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Konova K-ARM Extendable Tripod Support Arm

Length-Extendable Tripod Support Arm for K-Series (K3, K5 & K7) Slider
Part No: K-ARM

Producing slider shots when mounted on a single tripod can lead to the shots being shaky and unstable. Until now, the solution has been to use a second tripod or support, but this makes it difficult to manoeuvre the setup from shot to shot.  To solve these problems, Konova have developed the K-ARM. By attaching the ‘K-ARM’ between the tripod and the slider, any unwanted movement is reduced significantly, whilst still allowing easy relocation for the next shot. 

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£95.00 £79.17 ex VAT


Product Description


The K-ARM could not be any easier to set-up and use. Simply screw the 1/4" thread to the underside of the slider, and clamp the other end of the arm to the tripod leg. Once mounted, adjust the length of the arm accordingly and lock it in position.  Ball joints at either end of the K-ARM, coupled with the length adjustment, ensure total flexibility of slider positioning. This means users are not limited to a horizontal setup – experiment with different angles and positions.  As the K-ARM has a telescopic length adjustment, it is compatible with all lengths of Konova slider – from 80cm to 150cm.


  • Fast and easy to set-up
  • Removes virtually all shake and wobble for single tripod operation
  • Length extendable – works across all K-Series slider lengths
  • Universal clamp – adjustable to all tripod leg widths
  • Articulating joints – flexibility to set angle and position of slider


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  • 1x K-ARM