Neumann is a legend in the audio recording world, founded in 1928 in Berlin by Georg Neumann, an electrical and audio engineer, inventor and pioneer. These days they're one of the best known names in audio recording thanks to their incredible range of live, broadcast and music production microphones. The Neumann catalogue boasts a collection of stunning mics, innovative design, proven technologies and classic vintage sound.

Neumann has recently moved into studio monitor manufacture, creating a fantastic range of incredible-sounding two and three way active monitoring systems, all with the signature rich, deep sound and solid build they're known and loved for. If you're thinking about investing in the remarkable TLM series, the world-class U87AI variable pattern studio condenser microphone, the brilliant KM180 series, one of their awesome KH series monitors and subwoofers, walk this way. If you need help, ask us – we know everything you need to know.

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