Lexicon is a pro audio manufacturer specialising in effects processors, plugins and audio interfaces. Established in 1971 is Massachusett, USA, Lexicon is considered the godfather of digital reverb due to its early offerings in the area during its early years. Units like the Lexicon Model 224 and 480L made a lot of the great engineers of the time sit up and take notice of the company but it wasn't until the release of the PCM-60 in 1984 that Lexicon really started to make a name for itself. This was followed by the PCM-70 a few years later and then the PCM-80 and PCM90 in the 90s. The PCM series has been so popular that Lexicon are still producing them today with models like the PCM96 and PCM92 that bring all the great sound and functionality of their predecessors but with all the benefits of modern components and engineering.

In addition to its range of outstanding effects processors, Lexicon also produce a range of audio interfaces that offer Lexicon-quality audio but in desktop and rack-mountable formats so that you can pump your entire production through its hardware and obtain some of that character that put the company on the map.

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