YoYottaID Conform

Restore Clips from archive

Restore clips from archive using project AAF, ALE, EDL or FCPXML files. Copy or Trim selected material to match conform, ready for colour grading or VFX

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Drop in conforms
Drop in one or more conform files. YoYottaID Conform supports AAF, ALE and EDL file types. They do not need to be pull lists or with handles as these can be added.

Locate media
YoYottaID searches the database for material with matching reel and timecode. There is a scrollable timeline showing the conform. Here all 122 shots have been found, but they are offline. On the far right there is a Media table that shows which drives and tapes are needed. The shots are on a drive called PSZ-HA1T which needs to be mounted.

If nothing is found make sure that all the source media has been indexedinto the project.

Create source
Now the drive with the source material has been found and connected. Refreshing shows 122 Matches. To copy the shots make sure that Trim clips is turned off. Now add the conform to YoYottaID by clicking the Add Conform as Source button.

Conform as Source
YoYottaID creates a virtual source that holds all the clips needed to recreate the conform. Here there are R3D and DPX clips. Choose a destination and consolidate the material into a new folder. If multiple copies are needed then several destinations can be added.

Raw Trimming
Instead of copying the entire clip YoYottaID can trim the files, creating new smaller clips without transcoding. The Conform tool uses the In and Out point from the timeline to reduce the size of the clip.

To do this turn on Trim clips in the Conform panel.

This way you can bring raw into grading sessions without the large file size overhead. YoYottaID can also make two identical trimmed conforms, one on the RAID and one on an external drive. Again saving huge amounts of time.

YoYottaID Conform will trim ALEXA Mini MXF, ARRIRAW, DPX, RED R3D, Apple ProRes (including 4444 XQ), Sony F700/F5/F55/F65 MPEG2, SStP, RAW and XAVC files.

When trimming ALEXA Mini MXF YoYottaID will automatically create individual ARRIRAW files

Advanced conforming
Back in the conform panel when trimming you can adjust the handles. YoYottaID will extend each edit by this number of frames. So the restored clips will get longer

Filter the clips to include or exclude by codec, resolution, type or path, here just the HD shots will be added to the source.

Choose to trim or copy the required shots.

When trimming and several shots are needed from one clip YoYottaID can make separate or one merged shot.

With multiple conform lists, the conform name can be added to the path.

Optionally add all the source folders to the path.

For a VFX workflow the trimmed clips can have the EDL clip name.

Clips filtered by resolution
Here we added all clips with a width of 1920 as one source

Clips filtered by resolution
In this source you can see just the 4K clips. This allows easy copying or trimming specific codecs or resolutions to different destinations.

Conform and Transcode
Use the conform as a source for the YoYottaID Transcode option. Easily create over-length selects from the source material for online.