Teradek 10K 3G-SDI/HDMI Video Transceiver Set - V-Mount

Bolt 3000 TX: Bolt 10K RX HD-SDI/HDMI - V-Mount

Teradek Bolt 10K 3G-SDI/HDMI Video Transceiver Set - Bolt 3000 TX: Bolt 10K RX HD-SDI/HDMI AB Mount / V-Mount.

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The most powerful monitoring solution for filmmaking and broadcast has arrived. Bolt 10K is an ultra high-performance, zero-delay video transport device that receives audio/video at up to 10,000ft. of range with zero perceptible delays. Bolt 10K receivers support 1080p60 4:2:2 video and are compatible with Bolt 3000 transmitter units. Newly-designed chassis, hassle-free Tx/Rx pairing, robust range and visually lossless HD quality make this the strongest unit Teradek have ever built. 


  • SDI | HDMI Wireless Video Transmitter - 3000ft
  • Longer Range - Transmit visually lossless video up to 3000ft with no delay
  • 20mhz Channels - Use more than twice as many Bolts in one location or avoid interference like never before
  • 2 New DFS Channels - Operate interference-free more often in the USA and Europe by making use of two newly introduced DFS channels
  • 20% Smaller Chassis - Not just smaller, but lighter too, allowing these models to integrate into any rig unnoticed
  • More Robust Than Ever Before - Reach your Bolt’s full range and potential right out of the box with new software that provides the most robust wireless link we’ve ever created
  • Rapid Reconnection - Reconnect times during a dropped link are now instantaneous once you move back into range
  • Built-in HDMI To SDI Converter - Perfect for use with MoVI and other gimbals, Bolt’s TX has a built-in HDMI to SDI converter, allowing you to connect both your on-camera monitor and video source via the same device
  • Individual Identity - Easily identify which Bolt TX and RX work together with removable colored top plates
  • Support for Spectrum Analyzer - You can now view which channels are not ideal for Bolt whenever you arrive on set. No more guessing, no more mystery interference.
  • Added Broadcast mode - Allows for longer range when used with directional antennas
  • Added three 'Quality' options to balance operation between maximum range and maximum overall quality
  • Supports Wired Pairing
  • Metadata and timecode support
  • 3D LUTs
  • Dual inputs/outputs
  • Multicast capable
  • Manual frequency selection
  • USB 3.0 GRAB Engine included


  • HD-SDI/HDMI Wireless RX
  • Gives drone operators and cinematographers a pristine zero delay wireless video feed up to 10,000 ft. line of sight.
  • Super long range (10,000 ft.) receiver for Bolt 3000 TX
  • Built-in Gold or V-mount battery plate
  • SDI and HDMI outputs