Specialist suppliers of pro audio/video equipment to the film,
post-production, broadcast and music recording industries.


The support side of things is our bedrock, the foundation we’ve built our reputation upon and we’re very proud of the knowledge we’ve accrued over the years.

Mark Eastwood

Mark's experience in recent years includes that of workshop technician maintaining audio and video equipment for the film, broadcast and music industries plus the role of assistant recording engineer at Cream Recording Studios where he would set up and oversee the sessions for large-scale orchestral recording and mixing.

Mark's key role at ESV is to prepare, commission and test Avid Pro Tools and Apple Final Cut Systems prior to dispatch whether for hire or sale.

Our Pro Tools rental systems are “built from the ground up” with every new rental. Configurations vary for each new set up as specific Mac OS, PT software and which plug-ins and hardware are required for each project and client..

Whether it's an HDX, TDM or HD Native system, simply leave it with Mark and he will make sure that it’s covered for you.

A keen enthusiast, Mark is also a talented musician as well as a passionate Spurs supporter.


Darryl Huxley

Having trouble setting up your Sony VTR – no worries! Give us a call and Darryl will solve your problem. His 25 years of experience in the industry has pretty much meant that he’s been there, done it and got the T-Shirt!

There’s a good chance that you will know Darryl from his days at The Machine Room, GearBox and Deluxe. Darryl freelances for ESV where he is responsible for the maintenance and support of the entire stock of HD VTRs. He also works at Loft London where he manages and oversees the workflow for their content management and distribution services. For more information, please visit: http://www.loftlondon.co.uk.