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Shape SHOKIT for Atomos Shogun

Cage for Atomos Shogun with Handles and 15mm Rod Mount

Specifically designed for Atomos Shogun.

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£585.00 £487.50 ex VAT


Product Description


SHOKIT is the ultimate partner for the Atomos Shogun. It features Shape’s SHOCAGE, MONBRAC and HAND7 to provide protection and flexible mounting options for the Shogun.

The cage provides a snug and secure fit for the Atomos Shogun. The Shogun is held in place using two 1/4-20 screws, one at the bottom and one at the top. These screws are countersunk, meaning they fit flush with the rest of the cage assembly.

All ports, controls and vents are accessible thanks to the bespoke design, which ensures operability is not affected with the cage fitted. The HDMI slot offers protection to the cables using a HDMI cable clamp.

Multiple threaded holes, on the bottom, top and right side of the cage allows for attachment of other accessories, or mounting of the cage itself to a camera rig.

The 15mm rod mount allows for 3-axis of adjustment; tilt, rotation and lateral slide. Tilt is adjusted using Shape’s patented push-button technology, which is a spring-loaded button that quickly dis-engages and engages the tilt lock. Rotation of the Shogun is operated using a single wing-nut clamp. This mechanism can also be used as a quick release for detaching the monitor from the rig. Another single wing-nut is also used to adjust the sliding position of the Shogun on the bracket.

The handles feature Shape’s patented push-button system, which allows for fast and easy adjustment of the grip angle. This is great for storage, or when reviewing footage, as the handles can be used as a kick-stand when placed on a flat surface.

Made in Canada using CNC machined aluminium parts. All Shape products are covered by a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.


Note: HDMI cable clamp designed for use with Atomos HDMI cables


  • Bespoke cage to protect Atomos Shogun
  • Range of threaded holes (1/4-20 & 3/8-16) for attachment possibilities
  • Fully accessible ports and controls
  • Built-in HDMI cable clamp
  • Air vents are not covered or blocked
  • Clamps to 15mm rods using single wing-nut
  • Adjustable tilt position featuring Shape’s push-button system
  • Alter Shogun rotation using single wing-nut
  • Laterally slide the Shogun using single wing-nut
  • Features Shape’s patented push-button technology to quickly adjust the grip angle
  • Rubberised grips ensure secure and comfortable handling
  • Handles can act as a kick-stand when placed on a table or flat surface


Additional Information

What's in the box

  • 1x SHOCAGE cage assembled with 15mm rod mount and handles pair
  • 2x 1/4-20 screws