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Rotolight Anova Pro Bi-Colour 50° 'Standard' LED Studio/Location Light

High-quality versatile LED light panel

Rotolight Anova Pro is the ultimate LED studio/ location light designed for the most demanding of professionals. Anova Pro’s Bi-Colour LED system with AccuColour™ delivers exceptional colour rendering (CRI:96+) and powerful soft light output, making it ideal for cinematographers, videographers and photographers, whilst using 94% less energy than a standard tungsten bulb.  The 50° 'Standard' beam angle is recommended for most uses to maximise the versatility of this innovative light.

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Product Description


Rotolight Anova Pro is the pinnacle in LED studio and location lighting, engineered for the most demanding of professional circumstances. Anova Pro’s Bi-Colour LED system with AccuColour ensures incomparable colour rendering (CRI:96+) and potent soft light output – perfect for cinematographers, videographers and photographers while using 94 per cent less energy than a typical tungsten bulb.  The 50° 'Standard' beam angle is suggested for most uses to optimise the adaptability of this pioneering light.

Anova Pro embodies the ultimate in LED technology with five unique innovations. CineSFX delivers a powerful arsenal of Cinematographic Lighting FX for use on set or location.  High Speed Sync Flash offers a powerful HSS flash at 150 per cent of the maximum continuous light output for traditional photographic workflows. True Aperture Dimming computes and shows the correct aperture (F-Stop) for your subject at a specific distance and Designer Fade provides custom fade up / fade down production effects.

Powered by V-Lock or mains power, Anova brings a mighty output (up to 6545 Lux at three feet), all while requiring 94 per cent less energy than a standard tungsten bulb.  Anova Pro puts unparalleled versatility, superior colour rendering and gorgeous soft light output on the mass market, and is ideal for cinematographers, videographers and photographers alike.


CINESFX™  is a powerful suite of customizable Lighting FX (CineSFX™) for Television production and feature film applications. These include all the common lighting effects that gaffers and DOPs are frequently required to recreate on set, from fire, lightning, TV, film, neon and spark simulation, to more novel effects, such as police, paparazzi and gunshot visual effects. CineSFX™ eliminates the need for legacy ‘flicker box’ workflows, saving significant time and cost to achieve powerful lighting FX, and can also be used with a wireless trigger for remote control.

FX SLAVE™ enables the CineSFX ™ effects to be slaved to up to 512 third party light sources in real time with zero latency to create powerful lighting effects for large scale productions.

HIGH SPEED SYNC FLASH (HSS) provides a powerful HSS flash with zero recycle time, at 150% of the maximum continuous light output, for use in traditional photographic workflows. Also includes a modelling light capabilty, along with control of flash duration and colour temperature, combining the advantages the best of both legacy strobe technology and continuous ‘shoot what you see’ light output.

TRUE APERTURE DIMMING™ calculates and displays the correct aperture (F-Stop) for your subject at a given distance, revolutionizing your workflow by eliminating the need for metering. Alternatively, dynamically adjust your brightness level, to work at your desired aperture (F-Stop).

DESIGNER FADE™ mode provides custom fade up / fade down interview/ production effects for DSLR videographers and creative cinematographers, reducing time required in post production.


Additional Information


Accu-Colour™ Technology:

  • Overall CRI = 96 & R15 Skintone = 99
  • TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index) = 91 Ideally suited for professional Television use

Colour Range: 3150 Kelvin – 6300 Kelvin ( Bi Colour model, or Fixed 5600K)

Control: Local, or included DMX

Power: V-Lock Battery or Mains Power, (48W consumption at full power (Bi Colour), or 51W Consumption (Fixed Colour 56K Model) delivering over 2.5 hours at 100% brightness on a standard 95 w/h battery.

Mounting: Via standard TVMP bracket on included Yoke

LED’s: 100,000 hour LED lifespan – Totally Flicker Free Technology

Included filters: 216 full Diffuser, 250 Medium Diffuser, 184 Cosmetic Peach, 279 1/8 Minus Green, 249 ¼ Minus green, 248 ½ Minus Green


Photometrics *:

Bi Colour 50 degree (RL-ANVPRO-BI-S):

  • 3 feet (0.9m) : Lux: 6280
    • Foot candles (fc) : 583
    • Lumen : 3091
    • fStop at ISO 200/400/800 : f8 / f11/ f16
  • 6 feet (1.8m):
    • Lux: 1760
    • Foot candles (fc) : 164
    • Lumen : 3242 
    • fStop at ISO 200/400/800 : f4.59 / f6.5/ f9.19
  • 9 feet (2.7m):
    • Lux: 857
    • Foot candles (fc) : 80
    • Lumen : 3795  fStop at ISO 200/400/800 : f3.73/ f5.28 / f7.46


Bi Colour 110 degree: (RL-ANVPRO-BI-W)

  • 3 feet (0.9m) :
      • Lux: 1800
      • Foot candles (fc) : 167
      • Lumen : 4032
      • fStop at ISO 200/400/800 : f4.0/ f5.6 / f8
  • 6 feet (1.8m) :
      • Lux: 537
      • Foot candles (fc) : 50
      • Lumen : 4807
      • fStop at ISO 200/400/800 : f2.14 / f3.03 / f4.29
  • 9 feet (2.7m):
      • Lux: 270
      • Foot candles (fc) : 25
      • Lumen : 5442
      • fStop at ISO 200/400/800 : f1.57 / f2.22 / f3.03



Fixed Colour 5600K: (RL-ANVPRO-56K-S)

  • 3 feet (0.9m):
      • Lux: 6910
      • Foot candles (fc) : 642
      • Lumen : 3401 
      • fStop at ISO 200/400/800 : f8 / f11 / f16
  • 6 feet (1.8m):
      • Lux: 1950
      • Foot candles (fc) : 181
      • Lumen : 3835
      • fStop at ISO 200/400/800 : f4.59 / f6.5 / f9.19
  • 9 feet (2.7m):
      • Lux: 933
      • Foot candles (fc) : 87
      • Lumen : 4017
      • fStop at ISO 200/400/800 : f3.73 / f5.28 / f7.46



*Measured at peak output 4200K (Bi Colour), or 5600K (fixed colour) on a Sekonic C7000. Brightness will vary with selected colour temperature and is accurate to +/- 10%


  • ANOVA PRO™ Body only: 2.47 Kg
  • ANOVA PRO™ with Yoke:3.34 Kg
  • ANOVA PRO™ with Yoke and optional barn doors:4.78 Kg
  • 440mm (Depth) x 493mm (Height) x 107mm(Depth)
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty

What's in the box

  • 1 x Rotolight ANOVA PRO™
  • 1 x Yoke with standard TVMP Bracket
  • 1 x Rotolight Universal power adapter with regional mains cable
  • 1 x Gel Filter Holder
  • 1 x ANOVA PRO™ Filter pack:
    • 1 x 216 Full Diffuser (1.5 Stops)
    • 1 x 250 Medium, Half White Diffuser (3/4 Stops)
    • 1 x 184 “Cosmetic Peach” Diffusion
    • 1 x 279 1/8th Minus Green (Magenta) 
    • 1 x 249 ¼ Minus Green (Magenta)
    • 1 x 248 ½ Minus Green (Magenta)