RME Digiface Dante

256 Channel Bus-Powered USB 3 Dante & Madi Interface

The new bus powered RME Digiface Dante enables the transmission of up to 64 Dante channels and 64 MADI channels via a single USB 3.0 connection.  The Dante Audio-over-IP protocol was developed by the Australian company Audinate and enables uncompressed transmission of digital audio signals with low latency over long distances. The RME Digiface Dante USB 3.0/Dante interface offers a compact and lightweight solution for mobile Dante users.

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Dante & MADI
With the integration of RME's renowned Mac and Windows MADI drivers, the Digiface Dante allows users to seamlessly run up to 64 MADI I/O channels via USB 3.0 in addition to the 64 Dante channels. For this purpose the BNC connectors, normally used for word clock, would be switched to MADI I/O.

The full complement of 128 channels are fully controllable using the included Dante control software and the DSP-based RME TotalMix FX mixer with its comprehensive routing and monitoring options.

The Digiface Dante has two multifunctional banks of redundant network ports that can be used as inputs and outputs, as network switches and for redundant operation with primary and secondary networks in case of increased security requirements. The Digiface Dante can also be used as a mobile standalone 64-channel Dante/MADI converter.

In addition to the USB 3.0 port, Dante network ports, word clock I/O ports and power supply connector, the Digiface Dante has a high-quality headphone monitor output that can be used as a line output to transmit an optional analogue stereo mix.

TotalMix FX
Like all of the latest RME interfaces, the Digiface Dante also includes the powerful digital real-time mixer and software controller TotalMix FX. 

With near-unlimited mixing and routing options, TotalMix FX allows for any combination of inputs (and software playback channels) to be routed simultaneously to any hardware outputs. A dedicated Control Room section is also included, with features such as Talkback, Main/Phones, Fader Groups, Mute Groups and much more, all of which is completely remote controllable via the Mackie or OSC protocols.

Please note that the Digiface Dante does not feature a dedicated FX DSP, therefore the FX found on other RME interfaces are not available on this device.

Here are some typical applications for TotalMix:

  • Setting up delay-free submixes. The Digiface Dante allows for up to 65 fully independent stereo submixes.
  • Unlimited routing of inputs and outputs (free utilisation, patchbay functionality).
  • Distributing signals to several outputs at a time. TotalMix offers state-of-the-art splitter and distributor functions.
  • Simultaneous playback of different programs via a single stereo output. The ASIO multiclient driver supports the usage of several programs at the same time. When done on different playback channels TotalMix provides the means to mix and monitor these on a single stereo output.
  • Mixing of the input signal to the playback signal (complete ASIO Direct Monitoring). RME not only is the pioneer of ADM, but also offers the most complete implementation of the ADM functions.
  • Integration of external devices. Use TotalMix to insert external effects devices, be it in the playback or in the record path. Depending on the current application, the functionality equals insert or effects send and effects return, for example as used during real-time monitoring when adding some reverb to the vocals. 

Every single input channel, playback channel and hardware output features a Peak and RMS level meter, calculated in hardware. These level displays are very useful to determine the presence and routing destinations of the audio signals.

  • 258 Channels: 128 in / 128 out (+ 1x Phones)
  • 64 Channels Dante
  • 64 Channels MADI
  • 1 x Headphone Output
  • 2 x Gigabit Ethernet (802.3 compliant)
  • 1 x MADI I/O (coaxial)
  • Wordclock I/0
  • USB 3.0
  • Bus-powered
  • TotalMix FX