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PreSonus Studio One 3

Studio One V3 News Released

PreSonus have announced a version three update to their flagship DAW, PreSonus Studio One. PreSonus have always generously updated their music production software throughout the lifespan of the current versions with some pretty amazing features, so the main update must be something pretty special, and as avid users here at ESV towers we're pretty excited to say the least.

Studio One has always prided itself on its ease of use, and the concept from the begging was to build a DAW from the ground up that met the needs of the modern music producer, with fresh code. The aim was simplicity, but still serve the professional end of the market. The new releases see updates to the Professional and Artist editions and both bring 'true innovations in song arranging and experimentation, as well as inspiring new ways to craft unique and evocative sounds'.

One of the major new advancements is that Studio One is now the first DAW to offer a multi-touch interface for both Mac and PC so that's great news for any touch screen adopters out there and lets you get truly hands-on. Further to that, and something I'd been hankering for since it's release, is the launch of an iPad app for remote controlling the interface away from the desk. Before you'd have to hack a third party app to get this done, but with a dedicated controller from the manufacturer themselves, it really opens up the possibilities for your working environment.

In Studio One Professional, they have now introduced the Arranger Track which is a tool designed for song building and allows you to quickly move whole sections of the song around with simple drag-and-drop. This is a great addition for songwriters and producers to to really nail those arrangements without any complex editing having to occur. And also in Studio One Professional you now have the Unique Scratch Pads function which is a parallel timeline, letting you safely experiment with ideas and arrangements without altering the master track where before you'd have to save an alternative version.

Both versions now ship with a variety of production instruments, samplers and synthesizers and a powerful new instrument engine that lets you chain two instruments together for interesting sonic textures or keyboard splits. Bass synth for the bottom end and instrument sampler for the chords in one instrument? You can now do this in Studio One. There's a pretty awesome looking new polyphonic analogue modelling synth named Mai Tai with multimode filters and free running oscillators, just as a real analogue synth would have, and its 16 stage modulation matrix brings you closer to that modular synthesizer dream.

Also included is the new Presence XT, an expandable sampler with a 14GB library of sounds and instruments covering most genres, and it can read popular sample formats such as EXS, Kontakt and Giga without the need for conversion for any of the old sample libraries you may have lying about.

There's a lot going on in the new releases, so in summation, here are the key updates from over 70 new features included in Studio One:

  • Hands-on editing, mixing, and arranging via Mac and PC multi-touch displays
  • Customizable high DPI user interface
  • Studio One Remote for iPad® control
  • AudioBend time and pitch manipulation updated with élastiquePRO 3 algorithms
  • Rotor and Bitcrusher audio effects
  • Automation curves
  • 1:1 Track view/console sync
  • Step recording
  • Smart, definable Alternate tool
  • Context-sensitive help, documentation, and tool-tips

PreSonus are still the masters of innovation with the Studio One releases, and commands very close attention from seasoned professionals and bedroom producers alike. Expect some videos on the functionality very soon! Both versions are available shipping immediately – so to order your copy, please visit:

PreSonus Studio One Professional
PreSonus Studio One Artist

For more information or to purchase PreSonus Studio One 3 products, please contact ESV on 020 3137 2901 or email us at info@eastwoodsoundandvision.com.

PreSonus Studio One 3 PreSonus Studio One 3 PreSonus Studio One 3 PreSonus Studio One 3 PreSonus Studio One 3