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Sennheiser AVX Wireless
microphones released

Sennheiser have announced the AVX series of professional wireless microphones aimed at the lone Videographer, and feature three models; the Handheld Set, the Lavalier Set and the Lavalier Pro Set. The emergence of the videographer as a single person film crew is a very recent thing in the world of video production, only being made possible by advancements in technology. The Sennheiser AVX set builds on this by combining simple functionality with a fool-proof setup, ensuring high quality audio is captured on location with a minimum of input.

Sennheiser promise to deliver on three fronts with the AVX range – all microphone models feature a high dynamic range ensuring that the quietest to the loudest sounds are perfectly represented, as well as being matched to your cameras input sensitivity or having to adjust the audio level on the microphone itself. Next they offer simple ‘plug-and-record’ functionality, directly into your XLR inputs, and turn on and off with the camera as a battery saving measure. Lastly the AVX range has been designed to offer link protection, digitally switching to the cleanest audio channel if any interference comes into play, meaning seamless audio transmission is always guaranteed.

The first microphone in the AVX series is the AVX-835 Handheld Set. This seems to be aimed at the ENG street interview, handheld or even table mounted. The secret with this microphone is that is comes fully configured, with no setup time and is ready to go pretty much instantly. Simply plug the receiver into your XLR socket, pair the microphones and away you go, allowing you to focus on the rest of the job at hand. And as with all the AVX range, the Handheld Set is completely digital and license free.

In addition to the Handheld AVX-835 are the companion wireless Lavalier Sets, the AVX-ME2 Lavalier Set and the AVX-MKE2 Lavalier Set . Any situation where you would need a wireless, hands-free solution such as corporate interviews, documentary and more. Like the handheld system, it features a super-easy setup meaning you are up and ready within seconds. They also feature the same compact receiver that swivels around the XLR port allowing perfect placement on your camcorder or DSLR camera. The MKE2 is the higher quality version aimed at the broadcast level in terms of sound quality but features the same ease of use and super-fast setup time.

All in all, the new offerings from Sennheiser align them perfectly with the emerging videography market and offer a higher end solution with some truly innovative features. The Sennheiser AVX range of professional videography microphones are available to purchase through our on-line store and can be found at the following links:

AVX-835 Handheld Set
AVX-ME2 Lavalier Set
AVX-MKE2 Lavalier Set

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