Neumann TLM 107 Studio Condenser Microphone (Nickel)

Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone (Nickel)

Multi-faceted versatility, no-compromise sound and innovative operation: With five directional characteristics and a novel operating concept, the TLM 107 provides sound without any coloration. Featuring equally impressive level handling and low self-noise, it captures everything from the softest whisper to thundering drums.

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Far from conjuring antiquated or retro nostalgia, Neumann’s industry-leading TLM 107 embodies an imposing, contemporary studio microphone. Its wide-ranging performance spectrum and high-precision reproduction mean that the TLM 107 is universally applicable.

The freshly designed sound transducer, which was developed exclusively for this microphone, is inspiring with its exceptional impulse fidelity. The boundless constancy of the five polar patterns, omnidirectional, cardioid and figure-8, with the intermediate patterns wide-angle cardioid and hypercardioid, is also uncommon for a large-diaphragm capsule. The TLM 107 offers optimal sound not only for the cardioid setting; it also guarantees maximum precision over the entire frequency range for all of the other directional characteristics.

Transformerless circuitry enables a high degree of linearity and a large dynamic range. The self-noise of only 10 dB-A is essentially inaudible, while at the same time, the TLM 107 features high level handling. The maximum sound pressure level of 141 dB SPL can be increased to 153 dB SPL via pre-attenuation (Pad). This makes it possible for the TLM 107 to transmit the sound of even the loudest instruments without distortion.

The Low Cut settings of Linear, 40 Hz, and 100 Hz are specifically modified to practical recording situations. Without side effects, the 40 Hz setting decreases interference noise below the range of fundamental tones (where 41 Hz is the frequency of the double bass open E string), while the 100 Hz setting is boosted for speech and vocals (where 100 Hz corresponds to the lowest notes of a baritone).

  • Multipattern large diaphragm microphone with 5 polar patterns (omni, wide cardioid, cardioid, hypercardioid, figure-eight)
  • Navigation switch with LED illuminated display for polar pattern, PAD and low cut
  • Sound characteristics: transparent, natural reproduction of human voice, outstanding transient response
  • Balanced sound in all 5 polar pattern settings
More Information

Acoustical operating principle: Pressure gradient transducer

Directional pattern: Omni, wide angle cardioid, cardioid, hypercardioid, figure-8

Frequency range: 20 Hz ... 20 kHz

Sensitivity at 1 kHz into 1 kohms: 11 mV/Pa

Rated impedance: 50 ohms

Rated load impedance: 1000 ohms

Equivalent noise level, CCIR: 22 dB

Equivalent noise level, A-weighted: 10 dB-A

Signal-to-noise ratio, CCIR (rel. 94 dB SPL): 72 dB

Signal-to-noise ratio, A-weighted (rel. 94 dB SPL): 84 dB

Maximum SPL for THD < 0.5%: 141 dB

Maximum SPL for THD < 0.5% with pre-attenuation -6 dB: 147 dB

Maximum SPL for THD < 0.5% with pre-attenuation -12 dB: 153 dB

Maximum output voltage: 10 dBu

Supply voltage (P48, IEC 61938): 48 V ± 4 V

Current consumption (P48, IEC 61938): 3.2 mA

Matching connectors: XLR3F


Weight and Dimensions

  • Weight: 445 g
  • Diameter: 64 mm
  • Length: 145 mm
  • TLM 107  Microphone
  • SG 2 Stand mount swivel
  • Wooden box