Manley ELOP+ Stereo Limiter Compressor

New & Improved Professional Stereo Tube Limiter, Compressor

Based on the classic ELOP, the much loved Compressor/Limiter, this new version adds a 3:! compression ratio adding greater versitiliity to tracking and mastering.  The ELOP+ is everything you loved about the original, plus!

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The Manley ELOP+ is the latest iteration of a timeless classic. The Manley ELOP stereo electro-optical limiter was a tracking hero from its release in the early ‘90s. It’s a stereo compressor renowned for seamlessly managing dynamics on endless hit records, dispensing the coveted, classic all-tube sound from which Manley derives its notoriety.

Manley have upgraded and rejuvenated with the ELOP+, adding a 3:1 compression ratio feature. This permits greater versatility, especially for 2-buss applications. Completely re-engineered from the ground-up, the ELOP+’s rebirth begins with Manley's amazing modern high voltage switching power supply purpose-designed for their vacuum tube audio circuits.

They have deployed their highest performance vacuum tube line amplifier and White Follower output stage in this new version, paying specific attention the historic sound of their components.  A robust and compact chassis sits behind a precision-CNC-milled, and beautiful, faceplate which houses the compressor. All lovingly, proudly, manufactured in America.

Manley's ELOP has persisted as a mandatory component in the signal chains of top engineers since its introduction in the early 1990s. The ELOP+ is a reimagined and reengineered version of that vaunted optical tube limiter that you have to pay attention to. Delivering the sonic benefits of a high-performance vacuum tube line amp, a White Follower output stage, and a state-of-the-art high-voltage switching power supply, the ELOP+ boasts the impeccable sonics, performance and build quality expected from Manley. 

  • 10:1 Limiter and 3:1 Compressor ratios
  • All-tube audio path uses 5751 and 6922 dual triodes
  • Balanced Manley IRON transformer-coupled XLR Inputs
  • XLR impedance-balanced outputs
  • BYPASS switches and AUTOMUTE with warm-up delay
  • Large illuminated VU meters read Gain Reduction or Output levels
  • Side-Chain High-Pass Filter
  • Universal internal power supply operates worldwide 90-250V~AC 50/60Hz