Aston Microphones Release Beautiful New Accessories


Since they were founded in late 2015, Aston Microphones have quickly built up a reputation for pushing the boundaries when it comes to both microphone production and accessories.  So much so that once you’ve seen (and heard) some of their products you wonder why things haven’t always been done like this.  Their Origin and Spirit have set new standards in sound quality and durability and the reviews speak for themselves, whilst the Starlight redefined what a pencil microphone should be with its laser targeting.

For some manufacturers concentrating on the core products would be enough and the accessories become an afterthought, not with Aston.  They appreciate that the little things are just as important, this is clearly evident with their now famous Halo reflection filter – the striking design takes nothing away from what is a revolutionary product leaving all imitations in its wake.

Aston SwiftShield and Origin microphone

Thankfully Aston show no signs of changing this ethos.  To coincide with NAMM 2018 they have released three new accessories designed to make your life in the studio so much easier.  The Swift – a universal shock mount designed to fit a wide range of mics, from 30-55mm diameter.  Aston’s ‘ShockStar’ suspension system makes using rubber bands to secure the mic a thing of the past.  The Shield is a premium Pop Filter and Gooseneck engineered to fit any mic stand in seconds, drastically speeding up the once fiddly process.  It does this by doing away with the thumbscrew design usually found on filters of this kind and replaces it with a large, sturdy and robust crocodile clip. The gooseneck is high-quality and strong, meaning it stays exactly where you want it, whilst the filter itself features a unique stainless steel shield that wraps around the microphone so even when the vocalist moves, the shield is still able to do its job.  The filter is perforated with precise hexagonal holes that produce crystal clear vocals and perfect pop control.  Finally, the SwiftShield is a combination of the two, providing a convenient all-in-one solution to give you the perfect set up for your studio vocal microphone.  As with everything Aston produce, all three new accessories are extremely durable and hard wearing, once you get your hands on these we’re certain you’ll wonder how you did without.

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