JBL Pro EON618S 18" Powered Subwoofer

18" Self-Powered Subwoofer

Self-powered portable PA subwoofer featuring 18" Subwoofer with a maximum SPL output of 134dB.  Ideal partner for the JBL Pro EON600 series of powered loudspeakers.

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The JBL EON618S powered subwoofer is highly adaptable and delivers premium quality in a portable package. Utilising JBL's advanced waveguide technology and the most modern advances in cabinet construction, acoustic science and transducer design, the EON618S outputs a studio-monitor-quality sound with performance suitable for nearly any live application. This powered sub also features a 1000-watt amplifier to deliver exceptional headroom with power to spare, JBL waveguide technology that provides smooth, transparent sound, on-board EQ presets, Bluetooth integration and XLR loop through for routing signal to additional EON600-series speakers.

Deploying the most up-to-date manufacturing materials and methods, JBL has calibrated the EON618S’ enclosure for optimum acoustic resonance. The end result is tremendous volume and outstanding performance in a convenient, lightweight package. Indexed feet moulded into the EON618S enable convenient storage and transport, on top of protected stacking for stage monitor and traditional stand-up configurations. Additionally, the intuitive location of the handles on the EON618S guarantee you'll have no trouble carrying it around, while integrated hardware mounts make it possible to fly with the EON618S if necessary.

An examination of the EON618S’ radiation characteristics at different points on the low-frequency drivers enabled JBL engineers to discover a ground-breaking approach to waveguide design. The EON618S utilises standalone waveguides for each component that controls the sound radiation at low frequencies, ensuring unparalleled sound quality. Innovative design also provides consistent frequency response across the EON618S’ entire coverage area, sending smooth, transparent sound to everyone in your audience.

In order to provide sophisticated and convenient sound control, JBL developed an iOS and Android compatible Bluetooth interface for controlling volume and EQ parameters. Walk around the venue during soundcheck to experience the EON618S’ chest-thumping lows and bring out your smartphone or tablet to easily resolve any acoustic issues you may encounter.

  • JBL Premium Transducers
  • 1000 W highly efficient Class-D amplification
  • Maximum SPL Output: 134dB
  • System Type: Self powered 18” Subwoofer
  • Frequency Range (-10dB): 31Hz - 150Hz
  • Frequency Response (- 3dB): 42.5Hz - 150Hz
  • Bluetooth Control
    • 3 Parametric EQs + Hi & Lo Shelf
    • Gain and Delay
    • Save and Recall settings
    • Polarity Inversion
  • JBL Engineered Crossover Presets
    • 80 Hz
    • 100 Hz
    • 120 Hz
    • EON
  • M20 Pole Cup
  • Rugged, stage-ready Duraflex enclosure
More Information
  • System Type: Self powered 18” Subwoofer
  • Maximum SPL Output: 134 dB
  • Frequency Range (-10 dB): 31Hz –150Hz
  • Frequency Response (-3 dB): 42.5Hz – 150Hz
  • System Power Rating: 1000W Peak, 500W Continuous
  • Input Impedance: 22k (balanced)
  • Line Input Gain: 0 to 36 dBu
  • Line: +14dBu
  • Connectors:
    • 2 x Balanced XLR-1/4” combination inputs;
    • 2 x male XLR loop thru out
  • LED Indicators:Front Power LED (Defeatable, white) Rear Power LED (White), Bluetooth (Blue), EQ+ (Green) Preset (Green) Signal (Green) Limit (Orange)
  • Cooling: Passive
  • AC Power Input: 100-120VAC 50/60Hz; 230-240VAC 50/60Hz
  • AC Power Consumption (120V~): 1/8th Power – 1.14A (Max), 1/4th Power – 1.71A (Max), 1/3rd Power – 2.03A (Max)
  • LF Driver: 1 x JBL 618H 457mm (18”) woofer with 2” voice coil
  • Crossover Frequency: Selectable; 80 Hz, 100 hz, or 120 Hz
  • Material: Duraflex coated wooden enclosure
  • Suspension/Mounting: M20 Threaded Pole Cup
  • Handles: 2
  • Grille: Powder coated, Obsidian, perforated steel with acoustically transparent black cloth backing
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 582mm x 668mm x 645mm (22.9” x 26.3” x 25.4”)
  • Weight: 72 lbs (35.5 kg)
  • Shipping Weight: 91 lbs (41.2 kg)
  • Shipping Dimensions (L x W x H): 803mm x 768mm x 631mm (31.6" x 30.2" x 25.1")