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ESV Loyalty Programme

We're big on building relationships here at ESV and strongly believe that loyalty is a two-way street. By being loyal to us, we'll sure be loyal to you in return - so start collecting your eDiscs today!

As a reseller, there's nothing we like more than a returning customer. We like to think of course, that with our competitive pricing, excellent customer service and technical support, that our customers will automatically return to us for any subsequent purchases but we never take anything for granted. What we do know of course, is that everyone likes to be treated with a little respect and dare we say it, rewarded with some loyalty payback incentive - welcome to our ESV Loyalty program.

Collecting eDiscs

Automatically earn and accumulate with every product purchase on the ESV online store. Every £1 you spend before tax earns you one eDisc. Spend £1000, earn 1000 eDiscs.

Spending eDiscs

Use the slider or maximize your discount at checkout when you return after your first purchase. Spend on any catalog product. Every 100 eDiscs are worth £1.

Boosting eDiscs

Like our Facebook page, Follow us on Twitter, Share your purchase on Social Media and earn 100 eDiscs.

Sharing eDiscs

Feeling generous? Enter your friends email address, choose the amount of eDiscs to share, compose a message and click send to friend.

Create an account and start saving

By creating an account with our store, you'll be able to view and track your orders, earn and spend ESV eDiscs at checkout and much more.

Here's how to COLLECT points - Earn 1 (one) eDisc for every £1 spent before tax on selected products

Here's how to SPEND points - £1,000 spend before tax earns 1,000 eDiscs

*eDiscs are the currency name of the ESV Loyalty Program.

1,000 points are worth £10 at checkout on any catalog product before tax.