Dangerous Music Compressor

The World's Most Intelligent Compressor

When Dangerous Music set out to design The Dangerous COMPRESSOR, they spent over two years figuring out how to achieve modern levels of limiting and compression while avoiding the deadening effects of today’s ultra-limited productions. They make gear that helps you deliver the impact, punch and clarity that brings music to life, and when it comes to compression and limiting their answer was not to avoid it like some purists might, but to deliver an audiophile-grade tool that provides powerful compression and limiting without robbing the music of its lifeforce. The Dangerous COMPRESSOR points the way to the future of dynamics.

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The Dangerous Music Compressor is the product of more than two years’ worth of research and development in pursuit of modern limiting and compression levels, all without the deadening effects of the modern day’s ultra-limited productions. As with all of Dangerous’ gear, the Compressor supplies a vibrant sound with impact, punch and clarity in abundance - it succeeds in its ambition to be an audiophile-grade tool offering powerful compression and limiting without stealing a sound’s energy. Dangerous Music’s Compressor is the future of dynamics.

Utilising two completely independent RMS detectors with a subtle and complex circuit, the Compressor governs how the left and right channels combine in stereo. The end result is stereo imaging with the clarity of pure water, whether for processing a full mix, a drum buss, a finished master or any stereo material. It’s also possible to deploy each channel as an independent mono compressor or cascade them together to create an unbelievably transparent compression, with peak limiting.

The Compressor has unique dual slope detector circuits that are activated when “SmartDyn” is engaged. They empower the user to moderate fast transient peaks without impacting on average volume levels. This makes it possible to support higher average volume levels and evade the pumping artefacts often sustained by trying to reach modern loudness expectations. These Smart Dynamics are similarly useful for tracking a dynamic singer or mixing a snappy drum kit – the majority of users permanently activate SmartDyn as a result. The Compressor’s circuit design, with its dual detector working in conjunction with Smart Dynamics, is so nimble you’d be forgiven for mistaking it for artificial intelligence.

The Dangerous Music Compressor also features an automatic attack and release setting, allowing you to dial in sound simply using the threshold and make-up gain knobs. If you need more precise settings for attack and release, simply press the “Manual Att/Rel” button and start tweaking.

  • Elegant, easy-to-use design with an uncompromising audio circuit by legendary designer Chris Muth.
  • Unique Smart Dynamics dual-slope detector handles transient peaks without ducking the average level, making modern compression levels easier to achieve and totally transparent.
  • Auto Attack/Release – achieve excellent results with just the threshold and makeup gain settings.
  • Two audiophile-grade internal sidechain eq settings.
  • Hard and soft knee slope selection.
  • External sidechain routing.
  • Audiophile-grade VCAs for controlling levels without artifacts.
  • Stepped ratio settings from 1:1 to 20:1.
  • Multiple meter modes.
More Information
  • Frequency Response: +/-0.25dB from 15Hz to 80kHz
  • Maximum level: > +27dBu
  • Noise floor: < -93dBu band limited from 22Hz-22kHz
  • THD+N: < 0.005%
  • IMD: < 0.007%
  • Crosstalk rejection: > 115dB @1kHz
  • Input Impedance: 20K Ohms
  • Output Impedance: 50 Ohms
  • Replacement Fuses: Europe 250mA fast blow for 240V
  • Side Chain Filters: Bass cut is 6dB/octave, -3dB at 60Hz. Sibilance boost corner frequency is 1kHz with +2dB at 5kHz shelving
  • Warranty: Free 2 year extended warranty with online registration.
  • Standard warranty: 90 days parts and labor, subject to inspection. Does not include damage incurred through abusive operation or modifications/attempted repair by unauthorized technicians.