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Cineroid PG32E 3G Pattern Generator, Converter and Video Display

3G Test Pattern Generator and Converter
Part No: PG32E

Cineroid’s PG32e is a test tool that combines a 3G pattern generator, signal converter and video display in a simple handheld design.

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Product Description


PG32e offers SMPTE, vertical graduation, horizontal graduation and single colour test patterns. These patterns can be generated in 16 different resolutions and frame rates with the ability to add a moving square to any combination.

Housed within a durable aluminium body, the 3.2” display gives an immediate visual confirmation of the test pattern output, also allowing use as a video confidence monitor. To assist with exposure and white balance, the PG32e also features waveform and vectorscope monitoring options.

With inputs and outputs for both HDMI and HD-SDI, conversion between the two couldn’t be simpler. All conversion is completely lossless and is completed with no delay. Signal output can also be set as progressive or interlaced, regardless of the input, using the PG32e’s clever ‘P2I’ conversion feature.

New to the PG32e is a testing function for HDMI and BNC cables. By connecting both ends of a video cable to the input/output ports on the PG32e, users can visually check that the signal output is appearing on the screen through the input port. This provides a simple solution for checking that cables are transmitting the signal correctly.

PG32e accepts various sources of power, with an input voltage range of 6~17V. Included with the package are battery mounts for Canon LP-E6, Canon BP911 and Sony NPF batteries. Also included is a D-Tap to mini-XLR cable, allowing use of the built-in mini-XLR port on the PG32e’s body. 


  • Built-in 3.2” display – quick and simple confidence monitor
  • Waveform and vectorscope monitoring features
  • Two channel on-screen audio level meter
  • Four types of test pattern, including SMPTE, generated in 16 different resolutions and frame rates
  • Movement can be added to any pattern type or resolution combination
  • Lossless converter with no delay compatible with wide range of resolutions and frame rates, up to 1080@60P
  • Outputs can be set to progressive or interlace scan using P2I on/off mode
  • HDMI and BNC cable tester with loop-out function
  • Durable and strong metal body with 1/4-20 mounting thread
  • Various power options – on-board batteries and external power (6~17V)
  • Firmware upgradeable using built-in mini-USB port


Additional Information

  • Input Port(s): 1x HDMI Type A, 1x HD-SDI
  • Output Port(s): 1x HDMI Type A, 2x HD-SDI
  • Compatible Signals HDMI: 1080@60P, 1080@59.94P, 1080@50P,1 080@30P, 1080@29.97P, 1080@25P, 1080@24P, 1080@23.98P, 1080@30PsF, 1080@29.97PsF, 1080@25PsF, 1080@24PsF, 1080@23.98PsF, 1080@60i, 1080@59.94i, 1080@50i, 720@60P, 720@59.94P, 720@50P, 720@30P, 720@29.97P,720@25P, 720@24P,720@23.98P, 576@50P, 576@50i,480@60P,480@59.94P,480@59.94i
  • Compatible Signals HD-SDI: 1080@60P, 1080@59.94P, 1080@50P, 1080@30P, 1080@29.97P, 1080@25P, 1080@24P, 1080@23.98P, 1080@30PsF, 1080@29.97PsF, 1080@25PsF, 1080@60i, 1080@59.94i, 1080@50i, 720@60P, 720@59.94P, 720@50P, 576@50i, 480@59.94i


LCD Panel

  • Size: 3.2 inch diagonal
  • Resolution: 480 x 800
  • Colour: 16.7 M
  • Viewing Angle: Horizontal: 140 degrees Vertical: 140 degrees
  • Display Area: 41.76 x 69.6mm



  • Audio Level Meter: 2 channel visual display
  • Internal Speaker: Mono output



  • Battery: Plates included for; Canon LP-E6, Canon BP911 and Sony NPF
  • External: 6~17V via Mini-XLR or DC-in port
  • Power Consumption: 3.5W (2 hours with 2200mA battery)
  • Operating Temperature: 10C to 70C
  • Storage Temperature: - 20C to 70C
  • Weight: 340g (body only)
  • Size: 130 x 101 x 28mm (body only)

What's in the box

  • PG32e Main Body
  • D-Tap to Mini-XLR Cable
  • Battery Holder Base Mount
  • Canon LP-E6 Battery Plate
  • Canon BP911 Battery Plate
  • Sony NPF Battery Plate
  • User Manual