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Cineroid LM200-VCe High-Power Hybrid (On-Camera & Location) LED Light

Lightweight On camera LED light
Part No: LM200-VCE

Cineroid’s LM200-VCe is a high-power hybrid LED light, offering variable colour lighting for ‘on-the-move’ applications. Its cross-over size allows it to be used both on-camera, whilst still large and powerful enough to be used on lighting stands away from the camera. 

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£295.00 £245.83 ex VAT


Product Description


Delivering a maximum of 900 LUX @ 1 meter, the LM200-VCe offers the perfect solution for lighting small spaces. The output is fully dimmable from 1~100% in 30-steps, with a digital display on the back showing the strength value.

The colour temperature is variable between 2700°K and 6500°K, adjustable in 100°K steps. A digital display precisely displays the colour temperature value, allowing operators to specifically tune the output to match the temperature of the ambient lighting.

Brightness and colour temperature values are adjusted using separate rotating knobs on the rear of the fixture.

Two 1/4-20 industry standard threads are offered for mounting, whilst the included metal mini-ball head allows the light to be attached to a cameras’ cold shoe.

A dual-NPF battery plate is included in the box to power the light. Separately available is the FCB043 D-Tap power cable, allowing the light to be powered from a D-Tap power source.

The LM200-VCe incorporates an entirely silent cooling system, using vents and airholes as its method of heat dispersion. This means audio is unaffected, as there are no noisy fans keeping the light cool.

For users looking for a hybrid on-camera and off-camera LED light, the LM200-VCe offers the perfect solution. 


  • Compact, yet, high-power LED light (900 LUX @ 1m)
  • 30-step dimming adjustment with digital display
  • Variable colour temperature between 2700°K and 6500°K
  • Passive cooling – no noisy fan to affect audio
  • Powered using NPF batteries
  • Mini-ball head included – no other items needed to mount the light to camera
  • Removable soft diffusion panel included


Additional Information

  • Power Input - 6-17V
  • Battery - multi vendor battery support
  • Light Angle - 120 degree
  • Brightness Step- 30 Steps
  • Mount - 1/4" screw mount
  • External Power - D-Tap Cable
  • Colour Temp - 2700K-6500K
  • Photometric - (/1m):900LUX
  • Comsumption - 30W
  • Dimensions - 150 x 91 x 35 mm
  • Weight - 280g

What's in the box

  • 1x LM200-VCe LED Light Panel
  • 1x Soft Diffuser Panel
  • 1x NPF Dual Battery Mount
  • 1x Mini-ball Head
  • 1x Manual