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Camrade travelMate 720 Backpack

Backpack with modular divider system
Part No: CAM-TM720

The travelMate 720 backpack offers room for professional ENG style cameras up to 72 cm/28.3 inches and allows you to safely transport your camera, while keeping both hands free.

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£388.00 £323.33 ex VAT


Product Description


This bag, made of 1000 denier black Cordura® fabric, has YKK® zippers and 5 external pockets. In the lid you’ll find 2 mesh pockets with hook and loop fasteners to store small items such as cables and memory cards. Also a reinforced viewfinder section is created in the lid, to offer room for your (partially) assembled camera.

The soft-padded interior includes a square padded bumper and two cinch straps to keep your gear in place during transport. A cushion the size of the complete surface of the bag creates a double layer. This allows you to transport several items on top of each other, while still being protected.

If you are not using the backpack straps, you can neatly put them away behind a flap with zipper on the back of the bag. A small flap with hook and loop fasteners keep the large flap in place when you’re using the straps.

When you use this compact and comfortably balanced backpack, your freedom of movement stays intact and you’ll have your hands free for the necessary activities to create the best shots ever.


  • Suited for professional ENG style cameras up to 72 cm and 28.3 inches
  • Water-resistant 1000 denier Cordura® exterior
  • Reinforced inlays and padded interior for maximum protection
  • Strong, high quality YKK® zippers
  • Various pockets inside and outside for additional accessories
  • Padded straps for optimum carrying comfort
  • Back flap to cover straps during transportation
  • 1 Padded bumper, a cushion and 2 cinch straps to keep gear in place


Additional Information



  • Exterior (L x W x H): 76 x 37 x 25cm / 29.9 x 14.6 x 9.8"
  • Interior (L x W x H):72 x 33 x 20cm / 28.3 x 13.0 x 7.9"
  • Weight: 4.35kg / 9.59lb


Compatible with:


  • CION

Grass Valley

  • Focus 70 Live LDX 80 LDX 86


  • CR-P2HD CW-HD1000 DK-H100 DK-H200 DK-H32 DK-H32S10 DK-Z50 HV-HD30 SK-HD1000(R2) SK-HD1200 SK-HD1300 SK-HD1500 SK-HD2000(R2) SK-HD2200 SK-UHD4000 Z-4500W Z-HD5000 Z-HD6000


  • DNS-201W DNS-33W HDK-55 HDK-5500 HDK-727 HDK-727P HDK-77EC HDK-790EX-III HDK-79EC HDK-79EX-III HDK-970A/AP HDK-97A/AP HDN-X10 HDS-V10 HDS-V10 /P /F HDS-V10P Hi-Motion II HK-399PW HK-399W SHK-810


  • GY-HM710 GY-HM750 GY-HM790 GY-HM850 GY-HM890


  • AG-AC8 AG-HMC81 AG-HPX2000 AG-HPX300 AG-HPX3100 AG-HPX371 AG-HPX500 AG-HPX600 AG-HPX610 AJ-HDX900 AJ-HPX2100 AJ-HPX2700 AJ-HPX3700 AJ-PX380 AJ-PX5000 AJ-PX800 AJ-SDC615 AK-HC3500 AK-HC3800 AK-HC5000 AK-HC931B AK-UC3000 VariCam 35 VariCam HS


  • DVW-970P HDC-1700 HDC-2000B HDC-2000W HDC-2400 HDC-2500 HDC-2550 HDC-2570 HDC-3300R HDC-4300 HDW-650P HDW-800P HDW-F900R HSC-100 HSC-300 HVR-S270E HXC-100 HXC-D70K PDW-680 PDW-700 PDW-850 PDW-F800 PMW-400 PMW-500 PMW-TD300 PXW-X320 PXW-X500 PXW-Z450

What's in the box

  • 1 travelMate 720
  • 1 Padded bumper
  • 1 Large cushion