The Babyface Pro. The amazing Fireface series. The MADI series, whose excellent reputation precedes it. The marvellous M-Series AD and DA converters. They're all the brainchild of RME, a top manufacturer of high-tech audio equipment including mic preamps, digital converters, audio interfaces and PCI cards. RME is respected for its rock solid build quality, affordability and fabulous results. We're talking very high quality audio interfaces here, complete with massive sound, expansive connectivity and surprisingly reasonable price points.

The Fireface series comes with even greater I/O options than ever, superb panel aesthetics, perfect control, great conversion and fabulous sound. At the other end of the scale the tiny yet powerful Babyface desktop audio interface might be small, but it delivers an awesome 10 inputs and 12 outputs. Then there are RME's top class microphone preamps, rich in functionality and offering some of the sector's finest performances. If good value and high quality are what you're after, check out these popular RME products.

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