You want equipment that easily integrates with your existing workflow. You need innovative software solutions to configure and monitor your system. You want solutions that ingest and output in a variety of formats including SD, HD or 4K. No problem! LYNX Technik AG designs and manufactures excellent quality terminal equipment for the TV broadcast and professional audio visual sectors. Their solutions address almost any 4K/3G/HD/SD-SDI video, audio or fiber optic interface requirement, and it's game-changing stuff.

Why not explore their ever-popular, amazingly user-friendly and surprisingly cost-effective yellobriks and yelloGUI software? The CHD 1812, for example, is a wonderfully versatile and compact HDMI to SDI converter complete with its own integrated frame synchronizer, perfect for any application where you want a fully synchronized SDI input from an external asynchronous HDMI source. Or the magnificent OTR 1810 combined Fibre / SDI transmitter and receiver, designed to overcome problems distributing uncompressed broadcast quality video over long distances. You'll never look back...

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