Digital is magic. But only when you've stored your digital files safely. Irreplaceable photos, your life’s work, whatever it happens to be, you want to keep it for the long term using top quality external digital storage. LaCie is a sub-brand of Seagate technology, and they design world-class storage solutions for photographers, videographers, audio professionals and others whose data is not just necessary but essential. They're dedicated to helping you achieve your creative vision thanks to a strong focus on great design, unbeatable performance and proven reliability.

This is not just file storage. You're investing in an excellent product that merges great design and technological expertise with exceptional usability. For the past 15 years the respected Scottish designer Neil Poulton has been LaCie's design partner, the creator of the award-winning Rugged range (thunderbolt/USB3/USB-C), Porsche, Bolt 3, D2 and 2big/5big/6big/12big solutions. If you'd like support choosing the right tech, we are always delighted to help you make the best decision.

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