BirdDog offers comprehensive solutions for workflows of any size, whether old school or new school. Specialising in NDI® (Network Device Interface) technology, BirdDog develops innovative cameras, converters, and software that revolutionise live television production. Their products make live broadcasting more accessible, cost-effective, and achievable by leveraging standard computer networks present in all modern buildings. BirdDog’s NDI® enabled products, simplify the infrastructure required for live video production, moving it into the Internet age. This eliminates the need for traditional, costly broadcast setups, making high-quality live production feasible for smaller operations. Beyond broadcasting and streaming, BirdDog caters to corporate and professional AV markets, offering tools that enhance quality and convenience. Their commitment to innovation is evident in their continuous development of solutions that streamline production processes. By integrating NDI® technology, BirdDog ensures seamless video transmission, keeping pace with modern advancements. BirdDog’s advanced, user-friendly products make top-notch live video production accessible to all.

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