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Blackmagic Design Production Camera 4K PL Mount (Body Only)

Ultra compact 4K Digital Film camera with Super 35 sized sensor and global shutter, professional PL lens mount, 12 stops of dynamic range.

The Blackmagic Design Production Camera 4k offers stunning Ultra HD 4k filming from its Super 35mm sensor and offers stunning cinematic imagery all in a compact body and at a seriously affordable price. This is the PL Mount version for use with PL Cinema Lenses

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£2,725.00 £2,270.83 ex VAT

Blackmagic Design

Product Description


There are many benefits to shooting Ultra HD 4k, which has four times the resolution of 1080p, even when shooting for 1080p delivery as it allows you the opportunity to re-frame and still retain resolution. With 4K televisions now dominating the market place, there has never been a better and more affordable time to access this technology, and the Blackmagic Production Camera 4K delivers on all fronts.

The ability shoot in CinemaDNG RAW on the Blackmagic Production 4k means you have an incredible amount of dynamic range, just like in the days of film which is why Blackmagic call their technology ‘digital film’. Blackmagic Cinema Cameras shoot each frame with wide dynamic range so you get brighter highlights without clipping and rich detail and shadows. The ultra-wide dynamic range 4k sensor has so much range that you can even shoot indoors with correct exposure and still get full detail through windows outside.

The Blackmagic Production 4K Cameras offer incredible resolution, especially when delivering for 1080p

The Production 4K Cameras built in high resolution 5” LCD touch screen can be used for entering metadata directly into the camera by simply typing on the soft keyboard, so it’s as easy to use as any smartphone. Shot number can automatically increment, so you don’t have to enter it for each shot! Entering metadata directly into the camera means every time you record the shot information is recorded into the media file so editing software such as DaVinci Resolve 11 or Final Cut Pro X can quickly identify and locate the shot you need when you are in post production saving editing time and eliminating manual logging.

This is the PL Mount version for use with PL Cinema Lenses

Most professional digital film cameras use proprietary media only available from the manufacturer which increases the cost of using the camera. The Blackmagic Cinema Cameras eliminate this “usage tax” by using off the shelf computer solid state disks, or SSDs, so you can buy high performance storage media at much lower cost as well as getting higher speeds and capacity by taking advantage of the latest generation SSDs the moment they are available. SSDs can be mounted on your Mac or Windows machine using adapter cables or a Blackmagic MultiDock and because the speeds are so high you can edit directly off the SSD without time wasting file copying.

Blackmagic Cinema Cameras record directly to files that are compatible with all major post applications. That means there’s no time wasted converting files before you start editing and color correction in post production. Blackmagic Cinema Cameras record ProRes so are very easy to use and even high resolution 4K ProRes files will play back from laptop computers. When recording RAW, files are still open format and use the open standard CinemaDNG RAW format so you get all the data off the sensor stored in a file that’s compatible with many software applications as well as the included DaVinci Resolve editing and color correction software.


"This camera is an excellent choice for anyone wanting to wade into 4K production. While I don't see myself delivering 4K any time soon, I can absolutely see the advantages of using 4K footage in a 1080 project, where the enahnced ability to crop and zoom opens all sorts of creative options." - Studio Daily


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