Blackmagic Design ATEM 1 M/E Production Studio 4K Live Switcher

Advanced 1 M/E live production switcher with DVE, stingers and 6G-SDI so you can work in SD, HD and Ultra HD!

The ATEM 1 M/E Production Studio 4K is the Ultra HD 4K production switcher, allowing you to create stunning multi-camera live productions in a variety of formats including SD, HD and Ultra HD standards. The ATEM 1 M/E features DVE, stingers and 6G-SDI

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Empowering you to create spectacular multi-camera live productions in a wide range of formats including SD, HD and Ultra HD standards, the Blackmagic Design ATEM 1 M/E Production Studio 4K is the Ultra HD 4K production switcher. The ATEM 1 M/E includes DVE, stingers and 6G-SDI as well as being a portable solution, making it a solid, adaptable option for location and studio production work. It also features potent tools like chroma key, media pool, multi view, downstream keyers, creative transitions, an audio mixer and much more.

Add to that the 4K capabilities of the ATEM and you've gone beyond broadcast quality, providing you with all the tools necessary for the most innovative live concerts, sporting events, theatre productions, conferences and more. It’s simple to switch the Blackmagic Design ATEM Production Studio 4K to Ultra HD for live events with super large high resolution screens, ensuring incredible quality. A great deal of live events now make use of these high resolution LED screens and projectors – the ATEM means it’s now possible to drive those screens in full resolution.

The Blackmagic Design ATEM 1 M/E Production Studio 4K is as pleasant to look at as it is functional. Its front panel is made from elegant machined aluminium, with dedicated buttons for switching between auxiliary outputs. The built in video screen can act as technical monitoring to help during set up or to monitor auxiliary output. The optimum video and audio connections switch virtually all SD, 720p HD, 1080i HD, 1080p HD and Ultra HD formats, plus built in multi voltage power supplies so you can take your switcher anywhere.

For demanding live production environments it’s possible to add a hardware based ATEM 1 M/E or 2 M/E Broadcast Panel featuring the highest quality buttons, knobs and faders for even faster switching. An SDK for custom control is also available. Only ATEM gives you such a wide range of control options. Full switcher control from any laptop or desktop computer is delivered with the included ATEM software control panel for both Mac and Windows.


"If you’re in the market for a switcher and aren’t sure which one to get or are in need of replacing yours, you can’t go wrong with the Blackmagic Design ATEM Production Studio 4K. " -

Creative Transitions

ATEM Production Studio 4K switchers have an amazing choice of transitions including Cut, Mix, Dip and Wipe patterns. The advanced 1 M/E model also gives you key frame based DVE moves, flying graphics and animated stingers! Every transition is instantly available and you get full control of the transition type, pattern, length and more. With so many creative options you can always find the perfect 'on air' style, so there's no limit to the combination of exciting effects you can create!

Upstream Keyers

All ATEM Production Studio 4K switchers include powerful upstream keying for amazing broadcast effects! Layer live video, titles, graphics and animation over live video or graphic backgrounds with incredible quality using chroma, luma, linear and pattern keying. You get 4 built in upstream keyers and a DVE in the ATEM 1M/E Production Studio 4K so you can create mind blowing broadcast multi layer effects for your production.


Downstream Keyers

All ATEM switchers feature two downstream keyers so you can insert high quality graphics like logos, bugs and titles over the live 'on air' program output. Downstream keyers are the last layers of keying so they overlay all video switched to the main program. You can also easily bypass the downstream keyers by using the clean feed aux outputs. This means you can record the clean feed as your master and use the downstream keyers for overlays that you only want on air.



Perfect for live breaking news production, the DVE lets you create live crosses from the studio to the excitement on location. Create picture in picture effects with both the studio host and location reporter combined as one video output. The high quality DVE gives you control of size, position, rotation and features 3D borders, drop shadows and lighting! You can save customized DVE positions and automatically trigger the picture to animate full screen or zoom as the live interview concludes.


Audio Mixer

ATEM's built in audio mixer is incredibly powerful and easy to use! Open the audio mixer control tab on your Mac or PC and you get complete multi track mixing control with level meters! You can direct camera and external audio with precision level and balance adjustments, enable and disable channels or activate audio follow video mode instantly. You can also connect to Mackie™ standard USB audio mixer panels, giving you hardware feedback and feel of flying faders and meter displays.


Multi View

ATEM Production Studio 4K switchers let you connect loads of sources and monitor them all at the same time using the built in multi view. Multi view makes it easy to see your cameras, graphics, preview and program outputs on single screen. That means you don't need lots of monitors to see all your individual cameras! You get HDMI and SDI multi view outputs so you can connect to professional broadcast SDI monitors or even low cost big screen televisions using the HDMI multi view output!


Multiple Television Standards

ATEM gives you the flexibility to work in different standards at any time! Most live production is currently being produced in HD, now you can work in SD or in the new Ultra HD standard whenever you need. ATEM Production Studio 4K switchers are designed to operate in virtually any SD, HD and Ultra HD television format, so you can operate in the SD or HD television format you need today, and then instantly switch over to Ultra HD in the future! That’s a true future proof design!


Internal media players

You can store broadcast quality RGBA graphics in the media pool ready for instant playback via the ATEM media players. The two media players appear as input sources to your switcher. You can transition to graphics as full frame video or feed them to the keyers for overlaying video. Popular image formats such as PNG, TGA, BMP, GIF, JPEG and TIFF. The advanced ATEM 1 M/E Production Studio 4K model features a larger media pool with live clip storage plus 32 still graphic support.


Photoshop™ Plug-in

With the included Adobe Photoshop plug-in, you can create graphics live and then instantly download them into the ATEM media pool. Most graphic designers know and use Adobe Photoshop™ every day and now you can use their creative skills on your live production! Designers can create professional broadcast graphics such as logos, lower thirds, scorecards and other real time graphics that can be downloaded directly to the media pool. Now you can instantly change live graphics in seconds!

More Information


  • Total Video Input: 10
  • Total Video Output: 8
  • SDI Video Input: 10 x 10-bit SD/HD/Ultra HD 4K switchable. 2 channel embedded audio.
  • HDMI Video Input: 1 x HDMI type A. 10-bit SD/HD/Ultra HD 4K switchable. 2 channel embedded audio.
  • Analog Audio Output: 2 x XLR.
  • SDI Audio Output: 2 Ch embedded into SDI output on all outputs.
  • Audio Input: 2 x XLR. 2 x RCA.
  • Sync Input: Tri-Sync or Blackburst.
  • Internal Frame Synchronizers: 10. All inputs.
  • SDI Program Output: 2 x 10-bit SD/HD/Ultra HD 4K switchable.
  • HDMI Program Output: 1 x HDMI type A, 10-bit SD/HD/Ultra HD 4K switchable.
  • Down Converted SDI Program Output: 1 x 10-bit (Ultra HD 4K to HD)
  • SDI Preview Output: 1 x 10-bit SD/HD/Ultra HD 4K switchable.
  • SDI Aux. Output: 3 x 10-bit SD/HD/Ultra HD 4K switchable.
  • Quantity of Multi Views: 2
  • Multi View Outputs: 1 x SDI and 1 x HDMI.
  • Control Panel Connection: Ethernet supports 10/100/1000 BaseT. Allows direct connection between panel and chassis, or via network.
  • Tally Output: Added via ethernet connection to Blackmagic Design GPI and Tally Interface product. (Not included.)
  • Computer Interface: 1 x USB 2.0 port.



  • SD Format Support: 525 59.94i NTSC, 625 50i PAL, 525 59.94i 16:9, 625 50i 16:9.
  • HD Format Support: 720 50p, 720 59.94p 1080 50i, 1080 59.94i, 1080 23.98p, 1080 24p, 1080 25p, 1080 29.97p, 1080 50p, 1080 59.94p.
  • Ultra HD 4K Format Support: 3840x2160 23.98p, 3840x2160 24p, 3840x2160 25p, 3840x2160 29.97p.
  • SDI Compliance: SMPTE 259M, 292M.
  • Video Sampling: 4:2:2.
  • Color Precision: 10-bit.
  • Color Space: REC 601, REC 709, REC 2020.
  • HDMI Input Resolutions for Computers: 720 x 480i 59.94Hz, 720 x 576i 50Hz, 1280 x 720 59.94Hz, 1280 x 720 50Hz, 1920 x 1080 50Hz, 1920 x 1080 59.94Hz, 3840 x 2160 23.98Hz, 3840 x 2160 24Hz, 3840 x 2160 25Hz, 3840 x 2160 29.97Hz.


  • Control Panel Included: ATEM Software Control Panel included free for Mac OS X 10.7.2 or 10.8 Mountain Lion and Windows 7 64-bit or Windows 8 32-bit or 64-bit.
  • Software Updates: Using USB 2.0 connection directly connected to Mac OS X or Windows computers. Includes ATEM Switcher Utility.
  • Configuration: Set via ATEM Software Control Panel, excluding ATEM chassis IP address which is set via the ATEM Switcher Utility connected via USB to chassis.



  • Colorspace Conversion: Hardware based real time.
  • Processing Delay: < 2 Lines.
  • Audio Mixer: 12 input x 2 channel mixer. Selectable On/Off/Audio-Follow-Video. Level and Peak metering. Master gain control. Analog outputs may be used for separate monitoring.
  • 4K to HD Down Conversion: Yes, program x 1.


Product Specifics

  • Total Number of Layers: 8
  • Upstream Keyers: 4
  • Downstream Keyers: 2
  • Linear/Luma Keyers: 7
  • Chroma Keyers: 4
  • Pattern Generators: 7
  • Color Generators: 2
  • Transition Keyer (Stinger/DVE): 1 and 1
  • DVE with 3D Borders & Drop Shadow: 1
  • Control Panel Compatibility: ATEM 1 M/E Broadcast Panel preferred. Compatible with ATEM 2 M/E Broadcast Panel. Includes ATEM Software Control Panel.



  • Interface: Minimum monitor resolution of 1366 x 768.
  • Front panel: Built in LCD monitor for video and 27 LED buttons for Aux switching.


Media Player

  • Media Players: 2
  • Channels: Fill and key for each Media Player.
  • Media Pool Still Image Capacity: 32 with fill and key.
  • Media Pool Clip Capacity: 2 with fill and key.
  • Maximum Clip Length in Ultra HD 4K: 180 frames
  • Maximum Clip Length in 1080: 720 frames.
  • Maximum Clip Length in 720p: 1600 frames.
  • Maximum Clip Length in NTSC/PAL: 3600 frames.
  • Media Pool Still Image Format: PNG, TGA, BMP, GIF, JPEG and TIFF.
  • Media Pool Video File Format: TGA Sequence.
  • Media Pool Audio File Format: WAV, MP3 and AIFF.

Multi View Monitoring

  • Number of Windows: 1 x 10
  • Routable Windows: 8
  • Tally: Red for program and green for preview indication.
  • Windows Source Labels: Yes

What's new in ATEM 6.1 

  • White balance control for Blackmagic Design Studio cameras on the ATEM Camera UI
  • Copy and paste function in the ATEM Camera UI
  • ATEM 2 M/E switchers can now access M/E 2 as a key input on M/E 1
  • Fade to Black now has an Audio follow Video option for easier transitions
  • ATEM 1 M/E Production Studio 4K has timecode enabled on program SDI outputs
  • General performance and stability updates


Minimum System Requirements for Mac OS X 

  • Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks or later
  • Mac OS X 10.8.5 Mountain Lion or later
  • Display resolution of at least 1366 by 768 or larger
  • A suitable USB 2.0 port for software updates
  • An Ethernet connection for switcher control


Minimum System Requirements for Windows 

  • Microsoft Windows 8 64-bit
  • Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit
  • Display resolution of at least 1366 by 768 or larger
  • A suitable USB 2.0 port for software updates
  • An Ethernet connection for switcher control


Installing ATEM Software

Before installing the software, we recommend that you run "Uninstall ATEM" first.


The ATEM installer package installs:

  • ATEM Software Control
  • ATEM Setup Utility
  • Blackmagic Media Express


NOTE: Please update the internal software in your ATEM Switcher and ATEM Broadcast Panel after installing this software. Simply connect the ATEM Switcher with a USB cable and run the included ATEM Setup Utility software. Then repeat for the ATEM Broadcast Panel. After this update, check your switcher chassis IP address in the ATEM Setup Utility.


Additional Information

Please check for additional information on third party software compatibility and minimum system requirements.


Dimensions and Weight

  • Size: 1 Rack Units
  • 482mm (W) 44mm (H) 235mm (D)
  • Weight: 2.6 kg