BAE 10DCF Compressor/Limiter with Side Chain Filter

Neve 2254/2264 Style Compressor/Limiter with S/C Filter, Mono Built-in Power Supply

The BAE 10DCF is a discreet compressor/limiter which features that classic analogue sound and now with a high-pass sidechain filter.

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The BAE 10DCF, which builds on the capabilities of the 10DC compressor/limiter, features Carnhill and Jensen transformers, all discrete circuitry while adding a brand new, inductor-based bypass filter.

The BAE 10DCF bypass filter delivers increased flexibility while recording low frequency ranged instruments, and engages at 50, 80, 160 and 300 Hz — perfect for users who want to compress a broad frequency range while leaving lower frequencies uncompressed. The BAE 10DCF units are also stereo linkable, making them the perfect complement for the output stage of a mixer.

The BAE 10DCF is an incredibly versatile tool for both tracking and mixing. It retains the same top grade, Class A circuitry that is present in BAE gear while providing bypass filter options that make it more customizable, especially useful for drum and bass applications.

Aside from its unmistakably authentic sound quality, the BAE 10DCF also features a useful range of features on its front panel, including Elma stepped switches for each control, BAE Audio's trademark Marconi knobs, and a gas tank style analogue meter. The combination of these elements provides users with accurate visual and tactile reference points as they adjust and shape their sounds. The metering on the BAE 10DCF incorporates a sleek and simple design, with easy to read white lettering set against a black background in a rugged gas tank style encasement.

  • Discrete Class A transformer-coupled circuit throughout.
  • Fully independent Compressor and Limiter for separate audio dynamics control.
  • Intuitive layout with illuminated meter showing gain reduction.
  • High quality stepped Elma® switches for dialing accuracy and repeatability.
  • True bypass even when the unit is off.
  • Same remote power supply as used on other 24VDC BAE units. One power supply can run two units.
More Information
  • Frequency Response -  5Hz to 45kHz -1dB Measured at +8dBu
  • Noise - -80dBu with 200ohms source
  • Maximum Output Level - +33dBu into 10kΩ+27dBU into 600Ω
  • Distortion - Varies from 0.03% to greater than 1%

BAE 10DCF Compressor

  • Threshold: -20dBu to +16dBu with 2dB steps
  • Ratio:1.5:1 to 10:1 with 6 position switchAttack:2mS to 80mS with 6 position switch
  • Recovery:100, 200, 400, 800mS
  • Auto 1 100mS isolated peaks, 2 Sec prolonged levels
  • Auto 2 50mS isolated peaks, 5 Sec prolonged levels

BAE 10DCF Limiter

  • Threshold: +4dBu to +15dBu with 0.5 dB stepsAttack:Slow 4mS, Fast 2mS
  • Recovery: 100, 200, 400, 800mS
  • Auto 1: 100mS isolated peaks, 2 Sec prolonged levels
  • Auto 2: 50mS isolated peaks, 5 Sec prolonged levels
  • Bypass Filter: 50, 80,160 and 300 Hz
  • Gain Make-up: 0 to +20dBu in 1 dB steps
  • Output Impedance: 100Ω Balanced earth free
  • Power Consumption: 200mA at 24VDC
  • Dimensions in Inches: 19W x 1.75L x 9D