BAE 1073 MPF Single Channel Mic Pre

Single Mic Pre with High-Pass Filter

BAE 1073 MPF Single Channel Mic Pre, with a filter. The BAE 1073 MPF uses the exact same components found on the BAE 1073 and 1084 as well as the same modular design and hand-wiring that is associated with Brent Averill’s designs.

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This is basically a deluxe 1073MP. lt has all the same qualities as the 1073MP with one added feature, a high pass filter. BAE integrated the same inductor based high pass filter that's in the 1073 and added it here to the 1073MPF. Same transformers as the 1073, same hand-wired modular construction that BAE is known for.

1. Phase reverse button.

2. Impedance select between 1200 and 300 ohms.

3. Direct input switch.

4. Balanced line input 

5. 48v phantom power. Same 283 amp card as 1073 Same 182 filter card as 1073 Same transformers as the 1073 Same hand-wired modular construction that BAE is known for.

The 1073MPF preamp yields a really fat sound. It seems to add subharmonics to the low end which makes the bottom end sound huge. It smoothes the top end which gives the highs a silky sheen. As well the 1073MPF compresses transients a little bit. It is a smooth, fat., larger than life sound. An added bonus is to use the DI inputs to fatten samples, synths and mixes since the DI can handle line levels. Set the gain knob (red Marconi) around 20 on the dial and set the output (grey knob) fully clockwise. This gives you the highest headroom and cleanest signal path. Every click is in 5db increments so if one click is too hot, attenuate the output to get in between the 5db steps.Another trick people like to do is to put the final mix through the balanced line inputs on the back to get that harmonic distortion. To get even more of that Class A output stage is to come out of channel 1 and into channel 2 then you have an accumulative effect of that classic output stage.

  • Two Class A preamps with direct inputs in a single rack space with an external power supply
  • High Impedance direct input for guitar and synthesizer
  • Output level control serves as gain trim between the 5 dB steps on gain switch
  • Balanced mic input and balanced +4 dB output are on XLR connectors off the rear of the module.
  • Balanced line input is achieved through the LN switch on the front.
  • Phase reverse switch
  • Mic input impedance toggle switch between 1200 ohm and 300 ohm
  • Similar Class A preamp as Neve 1073 equalizer/preamp modules
  • Pad is an integral part of the gain switch same as Neve 1073 equalizer/preamp modules
  • Has integrated phantom power with a lighted switch on the front panel
  • Oversize remote power supply can operate up to four channels of preamp
  • One-year warranty
  • 10 Day satisfaction guarantee
More Information

Frequency Response

  • 10Hz to -3dB at 55kHz

High Pass Filter

  • 50Hz, 80Hz, 160Hz, 300Hz

Mic Input Impedance

  • ≈1200/300 ohms

Line Input Impedance

  • 10k ohms

DI Input Impedance

  • ≈150k ohms

Output Impedance

  • 65 ohms

Common Mode Rejection Ratio

  • 100dB min @ 60Hz

Maximum Output Level

  • +27.4 dBu @ 600Ω

Power Requirements

  • 115/230 VAC, 30W

Gain dB

  • 0 to 71 dB

Equivalent Input Noise

  • -110 dBu; Unweighted 300kHz Bandwidth

Weight (Single/Dual)

  • 8 LBS / 3.63 KG
  • 10 LBS / 4.54 KG

Dimensions (Inches)

  • 19W x 1.75L x 9D