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Master Clocks

Rock around the clock

Master clocks are a key ingredient when getting all of your equipment to sing the same tune. Every digital device has a word clock which regulates when its converter inputs or outputs a sample. In the case of a CD player operating at 44.1kHz, the word clock fires a signal 44100 times every second. The regularity of this word clock signal is what sets aside high quality master clocks from their low quality counterparts. Using low quality master clocks or multiple word clock generators can cause all sorts of word clock issues including audio clicks and pops so it is crucial to have a single high quality master clock that feeds timing and bitrate information to all your equipment simultaneously.

Common formats you will likely see on a master clock include S/PDIF, AES/EBU, ADAT and TDIF and these all use word clock information to synchronise your equipment. This 'clocking' process is essential for ensuring a synthesizer, sampler or another digital device does not loss time during a take. Choosing a master clock can be tricky. You have to decide exactly which devices in your setup require word clock, which connectivity format they use and match those in your new clock source.

With years of experience in the field of word clock and master clocks, we're ready to provide you with any advice or guidance you may need.

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