AMS Neve 8801 Channel Strip

The sound of the legendary Neve 88R Console in a rack

Contained in a single rackmount unit, the 8801 combines a classic Neve mic preamplifier and equalisation circuitry with an incredible 88R-style dynamics processor.  The 8801 Channel Strip is like having a complete channel from the legendary Neve 88R console – widely considered among the best sounding analogue music consoles ever developed.

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The Neve 8801 Channel Strip’s evident craftsmanship stems from its hand-built and hand-wired components. These parts, meticulously assembled, produce a quality and versatility for Neve are so famous.

The strip’s signal bath is made of a mic preamp whose excellence is typical of Neve, high and low pass filters, four bands of highly musical equalisation, a compressor, gate, dynamics side chain and an insert point; all of which is easily customisable according to the producer’s preference.

All standard sample rates up to 192kH can be accommodated by an optional Neve-designed analogue-to-digital converter (as well as direct-to-DSD conversion). Listening tests have proven these Neve-designed converters to be preferred by many engineers and producers to standalone converters that cost more than the entire Neve 8801 unit. The filter section and/or the equalisation section can also be routed to the dynamics side chain to customise the dynamics response of any input.

Simply put: the Neve 8801 Channel Strip is the easiest way to give a serious studio the ultimate in Neve analogue sound.

  • Complete channel strip from the revered 88RS console in a single rackspace
  • Hand-built and hand-wired by Neve in Burnley, England
  • Genuine Neve mic preamp with High and Low Pass Filters
  • 4-band equalization with highly musical, full-range sound
  • 88RS-style compressor and gate
  • Insert send and return
  • EQ or filters to sidechain
  • USB port for direct connection to Mac or PC
  • Optional Neve analogue-to-digital converter