AMS Neve 2264ALB Mono Limiter/Compressor Module

Legendary Compressor/Limiter for 500 Series

Originally designed in 1974, the Neve 2264A mono Limiter/Compressor unit quickly became a legend.  The original 2264A units are still sought after, decades after production stopped, and they remain one of the milestone pieces of studio equipment.

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The celebrated Neve 2264A Limiter/Compressor is now 500-series compatible. One of very few audio processors in possession of the unique ability to improve a sound simply by running signal through it, the Neve 2264A mono Limiter/Compressor quickly achieved notoriety among studio professionals as a secret ingredient to success thanks to its unique sound and functionality.

Neve’s engineers built the new 500-series 2264ALB to retain as many of its predecessor’s sonic characteristics as possible. Designed for use in recording studios, and for broadcast, the Neve 2264ALB Limiter/Compressor can also be used to protect transmitters from overloading.

A totally individual sound finds its foundation in Class A/B design and transformer-coupled circuits used in the input, sidechain, output stages and pioneering bridge-driver design. The 2264ALB’s main advantages are its reduced size and 500-series power rack compatibility. In addition, it uses a more advanced circuit technique to produce a more precise response curve than its ancestor. The Neve 2264ALB also has a switchable Slow Attack feature for applications like bus compression.

An LED gain-reduction meter with three dual-concentric knobs controlling the limiter and compressor sections sits at the top of the 2264ALB front panel. The meter LEDs show the amount of gain reduction being applied to the signal, and have an approximate PPM characteristic. To hear the legendary benefits of the Neve 2264ALB to any audio creation, simply install into an empty slot in your 500-series rack, connect your line level signals and listen.

  • Classic mono Limiter/Compressor, available in a 500-series format
  • Transformer-coupled circuits used in Input, Bridge-driver, Side-chain and Output stages
  • Independent Limiter and Compressor IN/OUT selectors
  • BYPASS switch connects input terminals directly to output terminals
  • Slow Attack switch changes between classic 2264A attack settings and new Slow Attack setting for buss compression work
  • Digital LED meter with approximate PPM ballistics indicates 0dB to 20dB of gain reduction
  • Audio Processing Insert design allows the audio to/from the 2264ALB module to be inserted into the audio path of an existing 1073LB module (modules must be fitted in the same LunchboxTM)
  • Fully screened module, packaged in Mu-metal case helps eliminate stray electromagnetic fields from LunchboxTM PSU or other module types