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Panasonic DMC-GH4R Camera (Body Only) Includes £100 Cash Back

16MP Compact System Camera with a Live MOS Four Thirds Sensor and 4K Ultra HD Recording at up to 200Mbps now with V-Log & Unlimited Recording - Body Only

The Camera that kick-started the 4K DSLR video revolution just got even better! The Panasonic GH4R yields a stunning image quality and is packed with tons of professional features for cinematographers - including focus peaking, zebras, long battery life and the crowning glory of native, true cinema 4K shooting direct to high speed SD.  The new GH4R improves on some features previously found on the GH4 such as the removal of the 4K video recording time limit and the introduction of V-Log L recording.

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Product Description


The Panasonic DMC-GH4R builds on its incredibly popular sister version, the GH4 to unlock some key features that users have been craving.  Especially those Videographers who have been somewhat limited by only being able to shoot 4K video for 29 mins and 59 seconds.  With this new release Panasonic have lifted this limitation and the GH4R now boasts unlimited recording time at 4096 x 2160 24 fps for cinema-like footage or QFHD 4K 3840 x 2160 at up to 30 fps – limited only by the size of your memory card.

As well as unlocking the recording time on the GH4R, Panasonic have also introduced the addition of V-Log L video recording, giving users far greater control in post-production.  Users are now able to integrate footage from the GH4R into a professional workflow with other devices much more easily.  V-Log L makes the most of the GH4R’s Micro Four Thirds sensor to allow a wider dynamic range (12 Stops).

V-Log L Recording for Precise Colour Grading

In response to the demand of film production market, log video recording (V-Log L) is available on DMC-GH4R to offer exceptional flexibility as well as wider dynamic range for colour grading in post-production process.

V-Log / V-Log L have been developed to feature similar characteristic to Cineon which is a characteristic curve of film digitalisation. Taking full advantage of Four Thirds sensor, V-Log L boasts the log characteristic with 12 stops. Both V-Log and V-Log L have the same characteristic curve and LUT (Look Up Table) can be utilised in common.

Extended Video Recording Time

The DMC-GH4R is also capable of ultra high bitrate video recording at 200 Mbps (ALL-Intra) or 100 Mbps (IPB), which has no recording duration limit (Use SDXC/SDHC Memory Card compatible with UHS Speed Class). You can freely choose the format from MOV, MP4, AVCHD Progressive and AVCHD at a variety of frame rates according to the usage. In MP4 / MOV, high quality sound in LPCM (Linear Pulse Code Modulation) is recordable.

Capturing High-resolution Photos from 4K Video

Cut out magical moments in 8-megapixel equivalent resolution from 4K video footage. Once selecting the 4K Photo Mode, recording format / picture quality setting / brightness level are automatically set to the optimum parameter for photo shooting. You can also choose either 4:3 or 3:2 in addition to 16:9. Each JPEG image cropped out of the video footage complies with EXIF information. Marking function and Loop Rec function are also available.

Advanced Image Processor Venus Engine

The image processor Venus Engine is also newly developed dramatically boosting its performance with quad-core CPU that enables high speed signal processing required for rich video recording such as 4K. Integrating superior noise reduction systems, DMC-GH4R enables shooting at max.ISO25600. Sensitivity, gradation performance, resolution and colour reproduction are dramatically improved to achieve even higher picture quality.

Dual OLED Displays - LVF & Monitor

The DMC-GH4R boasts newly developed high-precision, high-speed dual OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) displays for 2,359K-dot LVF (Live View Finder) of approx. 1.34x / 0.67x (35mm camera equiv.) and 3.0-inch 1,036K-dot free-angle rear monitor. They achieve high speed response with minimum time lag while enhancing the resolution. Notably, the OLED for the LVF boasts 10,000:1 high contrast for superior colour reproduction.

Contrast AF with DFD Technology

The Contrast AF system is advanced with the DFD (Depth From Defocus) technology which even shortens the time to focus. It calculates the distance to the subject by evaluating 2 images with different sharpness level while consulting the data of optical characteristics of the current lens in a moment. As a result, ultra high speed AF of approx. 0.07 sec (In AFS, with H-FS14140 or H-HS12035) is achieved. This improvement benefits more as focal length increases.

Video Creation to Meet Pro Quality

The new DMC-GH4R further evolves to meet professional quality and standard with the capability of 4K(Cinema 4K: 4096x2160 / 24 fps and QFHD 4K: 3840x2160 / up to 30 fps) video recording in MOV/MP4 or ultra high bitrate video recording at 200 Mbps (ALL-Intra) or 100 Mbps (IPB) without recording duration limit. (Use SDXC/SDHC Memory Card compatible with UHS Speed Class). In addition, a variety of practical functions required for professional video recording are newly integrated.


Professional Video Functions

  • Zebra Pattern

It indicates overexposed area before / during shooting and the pattern can be output to the external monitor, too.

  • Master Pedestal

It allows adjustment of the brightness balance ±15 steps based on the colour of black.

  • Cinelike Gamma

“CINELIKE D” and “CINELIKE V” are newly available for expressive tone like a cinema.

  • Synchro Scan

It is practical for suppressing flicker over the TV / PC monitor or fluorescent lights.

  • Centre Marker

By displaying it at the centre of the viewing angle, centre marker works as guide mark for video image composition.

  • Colour Bars & 1kHz Test Tone

Colour Bars (SMPTE / EBU / ARIB Standard) can be the benchmark to fix the colour or brightness. 1KHz Test Tone can be the bench mark to fix the sound volume.

  • Time Code

SMPTE-compliant Time Code either in Rec Run or Free Run count-up methods makes it easy to synchronise the multiple video footage or sound source in the post production workflow


  • Lumix G Compact System Cameras (DSLM) with V-Log & Unlimited Recording
  • V-Log L Recording for Precise Colour Grading
  • Extended Video Recording Time
  • Capture High-resolution Photos from 4K Video
  • Advanced Image Processor Venus Engine
  • Dual OLED Displays - LVF & Monitor
  • Contrast AF with DFD Technology
  • Video Creation to Meet Pro Quality
  • Highest quality shooting experience, in 4K
  • High quality, high sensitivity sensor: 16.05-megapixel Digital Live MOS Sensor
  • Micro 4/3 lens mount
  • 1024x768 OLED panel
  • HDMI 1.4a outputs 4K or 1080 streams
  • PAL / NTSC switchable
  • Wireless connectivity via Wi-Fi / NFC with smartphones
  • Precision AF: Contrast AF system is enhanced by the integration of DFD (Depth from Defocus) technology
  • Video formats: MOV, MP4, AVCHD Progressive and AVCHD
  • Durable, ergonomic and intuitive design
  • Optional Interface Unit available – DMW-YAGH
  • Use with UHS-3 SD cards


Additional Information


Click here for full Spec Sheet for Panasonic DMC-GH4R