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Neumann BS 48 i-2 Battery Supply

Battery Supply for Neumann Microphone Range
Part No: BS-48-I-2

The Neumann BS 48 i-2 Battery Supply is used to feed phantom power 48 V to the Neumann range either one or two microphones at a time.

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Product Description


The battery unit supplies one or two microphones with 48 V phantom powering (P48). The maximum current drain is 5 mA for each microphone. 

The audio outputs are dc-free. Therefore, no transformer is needed to connect to unbalanced inputs. The unit has two XLR 5 connections which can be split to XLR 3 connectors with AC 20 and AC 21 adapter cables. 

Maximum length of operation depends on the type of battery and the current drain of the microphone. A microphone requiring e.g. 2 mA can be operated at least 20 hours with one alkaline battery.


Additional Information


Output voltage: 48 ± 1 Vdc

Maximum current output: max. 2 x 5 mA

Battery IEC: 6 F 22.9 V

Weight: 310 g (without battery)

H x W x D: 37 x 80 x 102 mm