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Apogee Duet + sE Magneto Condenser Microphone + Waves C1 Plugin Bundle

2 In x 4 Out USB audio interface for iPad & Mac

The Apogee Duet is the newest ultra-portable USB audio and MIDI interface from Apogee.  It features two analogue inputs and four analogue outputs on a breakout cable, as well as the legendary Apogee AD/DA conversion, OLED display metering, a mutlifunctioning control knob and 24bit/96kHz audio quality.


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Product Description


The Apogee Duet is a compact USB audio and MIDI interface and DAC designed for iOS devices.  With two analogue inputs, four analogue outputs, the legendary Apogee AD/DA conversion and a vast range of connectivity options, the Apogee Duet is the perfect addition to any small home studio or travelling musician’s arsenal.

The compact nature of the Duet is due to its use of a breakout cable for its connectivity.  The breakout cable includes two combination XLR/jack connectors for external microphone and instrument inputs and two 1/4” balanced jacks for dual stereo outputs.  There is also a Apogee Breakout Box, sold separately, which comes with a two meter cable and enables you to extend your inputs and outputs away from your recording station , allowing for a more comfortable recording environment.

In addition, there is an independently controlled ¼” stereo jack headphone output, allowing for monitoring of pre-fade mixes when DJing or click tracks when recording.  The Apogee Duet also provides MIDI connectivity via a USB MIDI connection for control over your synth, keyboard or DJ controller.  Various hardware parameters can be software controlled when using the Duet with the Apogee Maestro app on iPhone or iPad.

The Apogee Duet gives a lot of band for your buck.

For such a lightweight, ultra-portable device, this audio interface contains some truly astonishing power.  The digital to analogue conversion is handled by the onboard ESS Sabre32 32-bit Hyperstreem DAC chip with Time Domian Jitter Eliminator.  This means clock inconsistencies from incoming digital signals are removed and the subsequent analogue output maintains the quality of the original signal.  In addition, this technology expands dynamic range and provides high quality audio with low distortion.

Other features of the Apogee Duet include a high resolution OLED display for input/output meters, two assignable touchpads, a multifunction controller knob for function select and input/output level control, an input for the breakout cable and a USB connection for Mac USB, iOS Lightning and iOS 30-pin cables.


"Handsome, great sounding, easy to use, with a very attractive on-board display — what's not to like about the Duet 2? The honest answer is — nothing."- Sound On Sound

"The Duet 2 sounds incredible. In fact, the Duet 2 is actually great just as a headphone amp, for listening through higher-end open-backed and closed-back headphones for monitoring or just enjoying music."- PC Mag

"For the small home studio, songwriter, or mobile recording setup the Duet is a first-rate interface that brings Apogee quality at an affordable price."- Recording Mag


Sound Quality - The Apogee Advantage,  difference you will hear

From the mic preamps to the AD/DA converters and the clocking, Duet is best-in-class and cutting-edge Apogee technology. With components carefully selected in critical listening tests and a highly efficient circuit design, Duet was built by Apogee engineers to make a difference you can hear.

Pristine, next generation AD/DA converters

Duet’s AD/DA converters are designed to deliver the purest recordings and best listening experience possible. Duet’s efficient circuitry and state-of-the-art components provide a simplified signal path resulting in incredibly transparent recordings.


Smooth, detailed world-class mic preamps

Much like the AD/DA converters, Duet’s mic preamps feature the latest components and offer seamless click-free transitions as the gain increases and decreases throughout the incredible range of 0-75dB. This unprecedented feature allows you to dial in the perfect level, either with the controller knob or from within software, while delivering ultra-low noise and smooth, crisp detail. Duet’s mic pres are suitable for all dynamic, condenser or ribbon microphones, allowing you to capture any sound without compromise.

Soft Limit for protection from digital overs

An Apogee technology first introduced in 1992 on Apogee’s AD-500 converter, Soft Limit can be heard on countless platinum selling records around the world. Once a technology exclusively reserved for Apogee’s most advanced audio converters, Soft Limit is included in Duet and can be enabled in Apogee Maestro software. 

This superior analog design prevents the digital clipping that causes distortion by instantaneously rounding off transient peaks before they hit the analog-to-digital converter. Soft Limit allows several more decibels of apparent level to be recorded while subtly providing an analog-like warmth to the sound.

  • Charges iOS device. Duet charges the iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad when connected so your work is not interrupted
  • 2 analog inputs with world-class mic preamps and selectable 48v phantom power for connecting microphones, instruments or line-level devices
  • Works with iOS and Mac. Direct connection with Lightning or 30-pin iOS devices (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad) and USB connection to Mac
  • Maestro app for iOS and Mac. Software control of hardware parameters including input selection and low latency monitoring
  • iOS 7 & OS X Mavericks compatible. Works with OS X 10.9 Mavericks. Works with iOS 7 on iPad, iPhone, iPod touch


Additional Information


System Requirements:

Mac OS

  • Computer: Intel Mac 1.5GHz or faster
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM minimum, 4 GB recommended
  • OS: 10.6.8, 10.7.5 or greater
  • Connection and power: Any available USB port on a Mac
  • Power: DC Power supply included


  • iOS version: 5.1.1 and later
  • Connection: 30-pin or Lightning connector
  • DC Power supply included


iOS device compatibility

  • iPod touch (5th generation), iPod touch (4th generation)
  • iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5
  • iPhone 4s, iPhone 4
  • iPad (4th generation), iPad (3rd generation), iPad 2, iPad
  • iPad mini

Compatible Software


  • Any Mac Core Audio compatible application
  • Recommended apps: Logic, GarageBand, MainStage, Final Cut, Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Digital Performer, Studio One, Cubase, and Nuendo


  • Any iOS Core Audio compatible app. Recommended apps: GarageBand, Auria

In the box

  • Duet
  • Breakout Cable with 2 Combination line/Mic/Instrument Inputs, 2 Balanced Line Outputs
  • USB Cable
  • Lightning iOS cable
  • 30-pin iOS cable
  • Universal Power Adaptor
  • QuickStart Guide


  • First professional stereo-channel audio interface for iPad
  • Works with GarageBand, Auria, MultiTrack and any Core Audio compliant app on iOS
  • Works with GarageBand, Logic, Pro Tools, Ableton and any Core Audio compliant app on Mac
  • USB 2.0 High-speed Mac audio interface

2 analog inputs

  • Combination Line (balanced +20dBu max)
  • Mic/Instrument (+20dBu/+14dBu max)
  • 2 Microphone preamps with up to 75dB of gain
  • Selectable 48v phantom power, Soft Limit and phase invert

4 analog outputs

  • 2 Balanced line outputs, +20 dBu maximum output level
  • 1 Independent 1/4” stereo headphone output

  • MIDI connection (Core MIDI compatible; USB-A type connector)
  • A/D and D/A conversion at 24-bit/192kHz
  • Controller knob selects function, sets input and output level
  • Top panel high resolution OLED display

Two assignable top panel touch pads to control:

  • Mute speakers, headphones or all outputs
  • Dim speakers, headphones or all outputs
  • Sum to mono speakers, headphones or all outputs
  • Assign headphones to outputs 1-2, 3-4 or low latency mixer
  • Clear Meters
  • Apogee’s Maestro (Mac & iOS) app for advanced control
  • Legendary Apogee sound quality
  • Designed in California - Made in the U.S.A.

Mic Pre

EIN: 128dB (un-weighted) @ 60dB, 150Ohm input

Max input level: +20dBu

Input impedance: 3KOhm


Max input level 14 dBu

Input impedance: >2MOhm 

A/D conversion

Max input level (+4dBu ref): +20dBu

Max input level (-10dBV ref):  +6dBV

Input impedance: 5KOhm

Freq resp 20 Hz -20Khz: > +/-0.2dB (@44.1Khz)

Rel. THD + N: -106dB (@ 96Khz)

Dyn. Range: 114dB (A-weighted)

D/A conversion:

Max output level (+4dBu ref): +20dBu

Max output level (-10dBV ref): +6dBV

Line output impedance: 90 Ohm

Max output level headphones: 19dBu

HPH output impedance 30 Ohm.

Freq resp 20Hz -20 Khz: > +/- 0.05dB (@44.1Khz)

Rel. THD+N : -113dB (@96Khz)

Dyn Range: 123dB (A-weighted)